samedi 29 août 2009

oh, andy

vendredi 28 août 2009


I think most middle class girls go through a phase of francophilia. The condition goes hand in hand with a poor grasp of conversational French, and a generally peptimistic outlook on life.

A compulsion to wear berets, watch French films, own a small apartment in Paris and meet Gaspard Ulliel epitomised my own stint with francophilia. But as the Janis Ian song goes, I did indeed learn the truth about wishful thinking at seventeen. Exhausted, I put an end to my relentless yearning. 

From time to time though, I still fantasize about buying a baguette each morning and smoking cigarettes in my little balcony alcove during the night. When things are looking a little too prosaic, one can dream of a little romance and la vie boheme can they not?

Masturbatory material for your typical 16 yo francophile:

À bout de souffle


Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo


Gaspard Ulliel

valentine fillol-cordier




lundi 24 août 2009

mucous, phlegm and saliva

Why do we have such exotic words for bodily fluids? 

that ysl ring

My friend really wants this ring for her birthday.

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Alexa Chung has this ring (maybe for her birthday).

For the past few days I've been racking my brains and the internet on how to not only attain but afford this ring. The thinking and searching has been unfruitful. I always feel very confused and confronted when the internet lets me down, but on this occasion, I had no time to think about the limits of cyberspace. I went about my dead end the same way I usually do: DIY.

- 2 bobby pins
- 1 bottled water cap
- the gold wrapper on some cough lozenges 
- metallic nail polish
- sticky tape

If you were standing 10m away, the only difference between the two rings would be that my 'turquoise stone' is about 1.5x bigger. 

Take that Alexa Chung!

mardi 18 août 2009



Alana and I drove to this suburb in the mountains for devonshire scones on Saturday. Isn't its name pretty? Oliver said it reminded him of the word "susurrous" (which ofcourse I didn't know the meaning of). 

lundi 17 août 2009

my insides

I have a problem. I cannot tell whether my abdominal discomfort is due to hunger, period pains, indigestion or lactose intolerance. For all I know, it could be all four. The only thing biology has taught me is how to draw a stylized version of my digestive system and reproductive organs. 

dimanche 16 août 2009

swelling appetite

Since the return of the mum, our fridge has been festively filled up. No more dregs of vegetables here and there, nor dozens of milk, juice and condiment bottles with just a few drops left. As I strategically organised our fridge with this morning's groceries, I literally yelped with excitement at the gastronomical possibilities.

My first mission was natural yoghurt with peach slices, followed by brainstorming ideas for tomorrow's sandwich. When it comes to food, I am ever prepared; perpetually planning the next meal.

Since yesterday morning, the mum has thrice commented on the robustness of my face. 

vendredi 14 août 2009

i searched my universe for a highlighter

...yet none could be located. And at that precise moment, I realised this is exactly why I'm no good at university. 


lundi 10 août 2009


My salad days, 
When I was green in judgment, cold in blood...

dimanche 9 août 2009

new york new york


I want to be right here. 

Photo stolen from Dana Lauren Goldstein.

samedi 8 août 2009


My friend and I have this hypothesis that the majority of males have at least one component of their full name beginning with the letter "J" or "D". It just struck me how true this is when I realised how many famous names can be (or already are) abbreviated to JD. Here is a very short list which I've just whipped up:

- JD from Scrubs
- JD from Heathers
- JD Salinger
- Jack Daniels 
- Johnny Depp
- James Dean
- Jeff Daniels

JD in itself has become a common name, with or without acknowledging that it's only the initials to something else.

vendredi 7 août 2009

full moon


Tonight's full moon was so luminous and so low in the sky that I could almost imagine my hormones being coaxed into re-calibrating my menstrual cycle. It was magical.


Sweden is the passage to heaven.

baby turtles

March of the Baby Turtles

Bizarre. Turtles somehow look 100 years old even when they're newborn. The only physical difference between an adult turtle and a baby turtle is the slightest change in head to body proportion.

(I had imagined a much better post than this, but alas, I've done a stupid thing and the last roll of film I shot was in fact...not shot at all. Came out blank. Poof.)

jeudi 6 août 2009

three little pigs and velvet underground's pale blue eyes

Both have been stuck in my head for the past two days. Both make me deliriously happy.

dimanche 2 août 2009

freaky friday


I got up before everyone else this morning to make buttermilk pancakes (they were delicious). Dad was the first one to respond to the smell of melted butter, so he was lucky enough to eat the first few misshapen ones. As I continued ladling batter into the pan, dad ate quietly. Until he announced in the most matter of fact way that he was going to go get a tattoo. I stopped ladling to tell him he's an idiot, and of course he wasn't going to do such an impulsive thing. He said he was going to tattoo a very significant date onto his arm so that he'll never forget. He pointed at his inner right forearm. I went back to ladling and dad chuckled to himself.

Later, after doing the grocery shopping, we're sitting in the car when dad says he's detouring to the tattoo parlour. I tell him that if he's getting one, I'm getting one too. Dad considers my ultimatum, and comes to his senses. Our bodies are both still in pristine condition.

What surprised me most in this little short-lived fiasco is that my dad wants almost the exact same tattoo as me. The only difference is that, for me, no date of significance has come to mind yet. Maybe I'll think of something once I reach my own mid-life crisis. I can ask dad if he still wants his and we can both get some wrinkly dates inked in.

samedi 1 août 2009

robert geller fall 2009



OK, if you are a boy, go and buy this shirt. Heck, I'm not a boy, and I still want to go and buy this shirt.

But, you know, don't starve yourself or anything in order to do so.

Food money > clothes money


brown eyes

I feel as though I am betraying myself in thinking this, but dare I say this Lady Gaga song sounds like Cyndi Lauper meets David Bowie? Well at least there is definitely something 70s glam rock about the guitar parts.

Please don't accuse me of blasphemy :(