mardi 27 avril 2010

next big thing

As a fall back plan to not getting into medicine and not becoming someone's trophy wife, I have this brilliant entrepreneurial idea. I'm not going to reveal what it is, for reasons concerning proprietary, but I can tell you that it will be targeted at Asians as well as kawaii-loving white hipsters. Viral marketing will probably be employed, not sure which mediums yet. 

jeudi 22 avril 2010


After almost three semesters of university, I have managed to scout out the coolest, most photogenic kids in my course. Sometimes they are just so charismatic in photos that I forget what geeks they actually are. 

A few weeks ago, we went on camp near the beach.

A rare moment of kicking back for kids who study hard.

..or not kicking back if you'd prefer it that way.


Lydia took my camera and disappeared for a while. My camera is always more popular than I am. She wasn't sure how to use it, but this was the shot with the best exposure and focus.

If I was mean and could afford photoshop, I would photoshop the awkward girl on the right out of the composition. But I am neither.

Back at uni, we've found a good place for getting coffee. 

Smiles of caffeine-satisfied students.

Also, very good French toast that comes with a decadent serving of mascarpone and poached pears.  Portion wise - best when shared with a friend.

In stressful times, knitting has become a good method of rewinding (or looking intense). 

Talking about food is also a big part of relaxation. This weekend we are going to prepare and eat Portuguese salted cod! People have, on more than one occasion, commented on how cute we are.

mercredi 14 avril 2010


For the third afternoon this week I've sat in the same third-story spot in the library to work. This is not the usual library that I work at, for I have specific requirements in a library for productive work to happen (natural light, window seat, greenery to look out at), but it has to-my-surprise grown on me and made me feel productive.

The same man in the grey pinstriped suit has sat close to me for the third day. He reads from small hardback books and takes notes by hand onto lined pages. Outside, birds cast dark shadows onto trees, indicating two things: crisp sunlight and dense foliage. All these little things make me very happy to be working here.

mardi 13 avril 2010



Monk by the Sea  Caspar David Friedrich
Oyster Dress  Alexander McQueen (RIP)

vendredi 9 avril 2010

high tea

Baking scones with Alana at her aunt's house. She's babysitting their kittens while the family's away on holiday. 

I'm working on my relationship with cats. 


lundi 5 avril 2010

say it aint so

I want to stop eating/drinking/travelling/going-out-in-general whenever I go on to the Creatures of Comfort website. Once I thought I was unpredictable, but it turns out Rachel Comey knows exactly what a girl like me wants. Exactly. And APC just knows what every girls wants. 

But on an average of $300 per piece, I think I should stick with my current student's budget and let someone else get spend-thrift on that site. I'm going to hit the books now and hope to be a rich, successful plastic surgeon by the time I'm thirty.


dimanche 4 avril 2010


When I finally asked my friend about the name of the cafe she works at, after years of hearing her talk about it, she begrudgingly told me "That Cafe". I think this name just beat "Untitled" at being ambiguous. She told me her boss' ditzy second wife had named it, thinking it would be quaint and clever, but clearly you are not targeting any English speaking demographic at all with a name as frustrating and indirect as That. 

In general, I hold the intelligence of Melbournians in relatively high esteem, so imagine my disappointment when I realised that one of the shops near my station was called "That Shop".