mercredi 27 février 2008


THIS is what you call a Siamese cat:

...for those of you who can read Chinese, here's the full article on the kitties.

lundi 25 février 2008

Some introspective thoughts:

1) I like looking at naked people.

2) I am sociable enough to have peer pressure.

3) I buckle and crumble under peer pressure because I am WEAK.

4) I am not sociable enough to conform to the peers.

5) I spend a lot of hours every week looking really closely at naked people.

6) I want to aim for 8 items on this list.

7) I am really Asian for having an affinity with the number 8.

8) I don't have a formal date and this is breaking Gabby(who now has a date)'s heart.

wow, deep.

nekkid ppl.....

dimanche 24 février 2008

ohhhh yeaaa

SO arousing.

NOW we're talking!

So this is the all consuming thoughts I've been having all day. MAN. Why did my parents have to buy a house that was 30minutes walk from the closest supermarket?? This is killing me. Once Justin gets home I'm making him drive me to Safeway or Coles. I hope my braces can endure roll ups...This craving is overwhelming, it's killing me.

Meanwhile I haven't done any homework yet. I am behind with school already. What else is new? Oh, this unnatural preoccupation over fruit rollups is new. Damn this demanding body.

samedi 23 février 2008


"the greatest love song ever written" - Frank Sinatra

My revelation: Jim Sturgess is really quite wonderful. =D I want a cute artistic British lover.

jeudi 21 février 2008

so i went home early today cause i felt like crap and watched (one of) the best movie ever

After wanting to see it for over a year now, I have finally just watched Léon. And to my joy, I was not disappointed.

The film is genius. It combines action, comedy and drama with an intelligent but simple and touching storyline. The characters are outrageous, but the acting is superb. I can't believe Natalie Portman is only 12 in this movie and it's her debut role! DAMN.

Gary Oldman's sadistic and evil character's best line: "Death"

Haha, you have to hear it in context to fully appreciate. So go watch it! Now.

PS: notice the template of this blog is white now. Should it stay or should it go?

mercredi 20 février 2008


This is what I'm wearing to my year 12 formal:

The corsage-like bracelet included. OMG, I know. It's going to look soooo amazing. I'm really excited and happy.
All I need now is to find out which designer makes this, find out how many thousands it costs, find the many thousands of dollars which I will need to make that payment and get some killer Louboutins! Oh, and I'm going to need Gaspard Ulliel on my non-bracelet arm. Omg life is so good and fair.

samedi 16 février 2008

ramble ramble

Last night I had this brilliant idea to try and load some 35mm film into my holga. I was so excited that I stayed up late with my little incandescent bulb of a lamp so that I could start alterations on my holga. Then today I went out bright and early and got me the cheapest film I could find (dad gave all of my film away thinking it was so last century). I finished off the film loading and alterations during lunch. Oh, funny observation from Jayne while I was doing anything but eating:

"Oh god Sunni, if anyone asks me how was lunch I'd be like 'Oh, well I wrote up a grocery list and Sunni stuffed her camera with toilet paper' "

...but at least my film is nicely tucked in now. Jayne later told me that there are 35mm film adaptors. She said that I'm actually pretty smart, I just waste my brain cells(and precious time) on doing things like stuffing my camera with toilet paper. It's a learning experience I say...and my nicely perforated at the edges photos will be so cool that it was worth it.

SO, the afternoon was spent avoiding the heat and rubbing my feet which by the way look something like this now. I tell you NEVER, don't EVER wear patent leather flats half a size too small and then go walkabouts your entire city. Also, when taking the Upfield train line in Melbourne, you know you have gone too far(doesn't matter where your destination is) when you reach stations with names like "Moreland"(sounds like it belongs on a Lord of the Rings map). I am happy to be alive and reunited with civilisation once more.

Did I mention how hot it is today? I had to hide in an aircon-ed magazine shop to regulate my blood temperature and put Bandaids on the blisters on my foot. Man I hate summer. I miss the snow. Beaucoup.

Oh! Happy days!

lundi 11 février 2008

samedi 9 février 2008

kaleidescope eyes

Ok. What, le fuck.

This is called eye-ball tattooing. Basically injecting ink into a healthy cornea with a syringe.


jeudi 7 février 2008

jumpin' on the bandwagin'

Five years ago everyone wanted a digital camera. If you were a digital photographer you were really hip and technology savvy. However, a select group of purists were too anal to accept this so stuck with their analogs and film.

Fast forward to now. Everyone is an anal purist who wants to pay for developing and printing. Infact, the older, shittier or more faulty your camera is, the bigger your penis and/or boobs must be. It's a sign of power, it means you are full of artistic integrity. This type of power is best enhanced if you shoot with "toy cameras" - this could be any piece of plastic crap but if you really want a sure status symbol, you should go for Polaroids(something like a SX-70 is real indie and nice) or some type of lomo camera(Holgas are very vintage and nice). To really stick with your blooming artistic integrity, you should bash anyone that uses photoshop. It's best if you join with another anal purist so that you can bash the photoshop user together. This is so that they can learn to be more true to themselves.

Since I wanted to be an anal purist myself, I've been really wanting to buy some artistic integrity aswell and at last got a Holga for my birthday after coveting it for two years. Ok, spiteful sarcasm aside, I have really wanted to try shooting with this camera for a while. I've shot two rolls of expired Kodak 400vc Portra now and spent 2 hours today scanning each friggin little neg. Most laborious task ever, but I am poor so I do it myself on school scanners.

First roll: I had no idea what I was doing, the absence of manual shutterspeed/aperture hadn't sunk into me and most shots were underexposed. Somehow I was under the impression that f/11 at 1/100 could produce nice tones in a room with only a TV screen for lighting. So naturally, when I got the developed negs and saw a lot of blank frames...I put them somewhere where I wouldn't see them and let them collect dust and scratches.

Multiple exposure of my head and fireworks = bad idea.

That was NYE, the next morning I flew to China and forgot about the stupid thing.

Eventually I took the Holga out again and took some more crappy shots.

This one is so pathetic it makes me giggle.

And here we have the karaoke shots with the only available lighting being the TV screen. To think this is AFTER brightening on photoshop (ok, bash me).

Once more. I am so so smart.

This is probably the real pièce de résistance though: a photo of an eyebrow poster inside a dimly lit hair saloon. And the dust on this neg is enough to kill an asthmatic.

Friend getting his hair done. Haha, it's this sort of perm ("fireworks perm" is direct translation from Chinese). The hairdresser basically twisted pieces of his hair around pipe-cleaners. I did a few bits =P Think this photo was actually a double exposure, one of the back of his head, another from the front. Don't know why the pipe-cleaners look like neon glow sticks, could be the blue flash.

OK, Second Roll (finally):

I sort of learnt my lesson and started acknowleding the f/11. Only shooting in daylight from now on.

My grandpa in the kitchen having lunch. Kyoot ^^

View from the balcony of my great-grandmother's flat.

Get's a little more exciting from here because it started snowing in Nantong! I hasn't snowed this much in Nantong since I was born. Last time it snowed enough for it to pile I was probably only 6. Below are views from our balcony.

Lame little double exposure ^^

Sort of like this one. Even if there is barely anything there.

More double exposing. This is one of the better shots, though that's not saying much.

No it isn't deja vu, I am just fond of snow.
My cousin checking out the snow.
My turn. Up to my knees, yikesss.
Cliche snow scene.
Last frame: I think she looks cute kthx.

I have about 3432341 times as many digital photos, but since I'm converting to kitsch Holga photographer, I'll upload them one day when I'm feeling nostalgic =P
Goodnight, I have work to do and so do you.
- Sunni
OOOH! almost forgot, happy Chinese New Year. This has been my second Chinese New Year on blogger :)

lundi 4 février 2008

tell me quando

This is what girls like to daydream about: A Parisien boy in no-fuss head to toe black echoing Joy Division but with more romantic eyes and a bunch of roses in the most unpredictable shade of orange, just dangling there from the backpack like they are the most ordinary things to be carrying around. What a twist on an old cliche!

Credits to The Sartorialist for this breath of fresh air.
(come back another day for updates on my holidays. in the meantive, if you'd like to see some photos, visit my deviantart or myspace :) )