lundi 12 janvier 2009

i want to be in hawaii

Today I got a ukulele from Michelle. Mum and I spent ages trying to tune it, and now I can sort of play Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on it. This has been the most musical that I've been since getting a guitar about two years ago, and the only song that I could play well on that was Green Sleeves. So go figure my musicality...I'm not being humble when I say that I'm tone deaf. There, now you all know my weakness.

(I like photos of Braddah Iz and his uke. It's almost like an optical illusion - does the "guitar" appear small because the man is a giant, or does the man appear to be a giant because he holds a small ukulele...?)

And I will stop pondering that now because I just found the ukulele chords to "Oops I Did it Again"....bye.

dimanche 11 janvier 2009

miscellaneous cool things which i like

My head has been quite empty lately. No profound thoughts nor random whimsies. Just staying up late watching TV shows and movies online, getting up at noon and then wasting away the afternoons with mum watching Chinese dramas. I should probably find some way of stimulating my brain before it sublimates through my ears.

One good thing about spending this much time on the wondrous internet is that I've come upon quite a few little jems. Take these youtube videos par example:

Amazing teslar coils:

The real Electric Feel(hehe). I'm not sure if those sparks are dangerous, nor the physics behind all this, but if it's possible, I am definitely opening a club with lighting and music powered by tesla coils when I grow up.


I always thought there was something wrong about the development of such life-like robots. I mean, all that research is really just fueled by sexual perversion isn't it?

Bat for Lashes - "What's a Girl to Do?"

I don't know why I like this video so much. I guess because of the random creepiness and seamless execution. Reminds me of Donnie Darko come to think of it.

Human Art slew of my recent rediscovery of the joys of Monkey King. Sometimes I really think the Japanese have different brains to the rest of us.

Just a small taste of what I've been up to on youtube. Seeing as I haven't left the house in two days, I have been up to a lot on youtube...

Friday though, I did leave the house to have brunch with friends. Yui gave me a belated birthday present. Guess what it is.

...if you guessed "an axolotl soft toy?" you would be right! Isn't it amazing? To reinforce my previous point, this toy was made in Japan. Yui and mine axolotl obsession have been somewhat of an ongoing joke. She even took me to a pet shop on Tuesday so that I could see a live one. I was not disappointed.

I also saw this bag at a boutique which I often frequent(but have never bought anything from). It's a reversible black leather tote from See by Chloe's new line of handbags.

I wouldn't go as far as to call it "beautiful" or "amazing", but it's really just the bag I'm looking for. It's big enough to be used for uni, but not so big that it's cumbersome. And the fact that it's reversible caters perfectly for my self-diagnosed bi-polar tendencies. It's great! It's perfect! Except for it's price($450 even on sale). Damn.

Luckily, I'm going to Hong Kong and then China in a few days. Chances are I will find something quite similar for a much lower price. Who knows...

Oh, and one last thing which made me fall off my chair.

Trust me, you'll want to read the story behind this one.

lundi 5 janvier 2009

long hair and learner's permit

Here are some shots from a roll I developed a while ago. Christmas Eve to New Year's Day I think.

Hana chillin' on rooftop.

No photos plz.

Grimacing pussy cat, or something.

Cool chair.

Mum driving home on Christmas Eve.

Gabby eating noodles.

Jayne's poor focusing. I am holding up a weird sushi I wrapped myself.

Oliver at Gabby's watching weird music videos on new year's day.

Michelle on the grass. Her stretcher is looking both badass and cute.

Didn't like most of that roll, so I'm hoping to take some better ones on the next roll. Now that I have new glasses, I might be able to take photos which are actually in focus. Also, I am feeling like a change. I think I want long hair again, so I might buy a wig. I want to look like one of those Asian girls with long wavy hair and huge doe eyes, and then surprise everyone when I open my mouth and talk like a nihilistic cynic. It would be funny. And also, I really need to get my learner's permit. It's weird being 18 with no ID. Sort of defeats the purpose of it all, really.

dimanche 4 janvier 2009

sleeping pills

I got my results today. Not too shabby (enough to get me into the course I want) but nothing to show off either. I was expecting to do worse, and had thus been having elaborate discussions of suicide with Gabby. My idea was that if I were to kill myself, the one thing I'd make sure of is that I would die. Guns seemed like a good idea, orginially, but it's too much blood really. Wouldn't allow for a proper funeral with an open casket. And Bernie's dad, who's a pediatrician, has had a few instances of boys who have come in with half a face blown off due to a poorly executed suicide. And where would I even get a gun anyway? So in my opinion, it's probably safer to just take 10 bottles of sleeping pills. But then there's the issue of being found before you properly die, and then being rushed to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. The only way to stay safe would be to take a train out to the middle of nowhere without telling anyone, and take the pills in peace. I would want someone to find me though, so before I leave on my suicide mission, I would write a blog post explaining where I am and why I have killed myself. And the entry would be scheduled to be posted after I have well and truly died. It would be spooky for all those who read it, and possibly even cause a bit of a media sensation. I felt a little freaked out by my own morbidity and enthusiasm when I had described all this in detail to Gabby last night.

But don't worry, I'm not telling you all about my fantasy suicide because I am depressed. On the contrary, I am quite content right now. I'm just having a bit of a "what now?" type day and have nothing particularly interesting to share.

I did get new glasses though. They are tortoise shell but look like plain black in these photos. I wish they would stop slipping off my nose.

jeudi 1 janvier 2009

holy shit it's 2009?!

This is how I spent New Year's Eve. The last moment's of 2008 was a group of us crowded around Gabby's new macbook having too much fun with photobooth. The first moments of 2009 was spent infront of the TV with Gabby yelling at Oliver for not pouring the champagne fast enough to make the countdown, and Eddie complaining that the Melbourne fireworks were "pov". We were then all rickroll'd by some music channel.

I sincerely hope the rest of you haven't began the year as complete dorks.