mercredi 30 juillet 2008

me in social situations

social ineptitude

Every now and again, the talented Caitlin Shearer creates something which makes me gasp then giggle then sad. Her illustrations and paintings are simply precious.

mardi 29 juillet 2008

i am a clockwork orange

My stress levels on an average day rate about 11/10. Although this makes me sound like some kind of wound up neurotic, I am infact quite the contrary. Maybe it's the combination of stress with learned helplessness and sleep deprivation - I somehow end up despondent and confused-looking more than anything else. My problem is that I tend to overwhelm myself. I set myself unrealistic goals, knowing that I am incapable of having the self-motivation to achieve them, thus leading to reluctant acceptance of my own vices. I don't know if that follows any logic, but it is simply how my brain tends to work. It's a vicious mechanical cycle.

Time has really been working against me lately. The past few days I have been juggling my everyday schoolwork with uni applications and studying for the UMAT exam, which I will be taking in about 10 hours from now. GREAT. Incase you are wondering, UMAT stands for "Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test" and it's similar to an IQ test. The exam is broken into 3 sections: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People, and Non-verbal Reasoning. My mind is overwrought with jargon, fallacies and rotating shapes right now after burrowing through practise papers all night. What I want the most right now would be to ctrl+c then ctrl+v myself a few times. They say women can multitask, but they forget that this is only applicable to menial tasks which require low brain activity.

Speaking of low brain activity, I went horribly gaga when I saw these:

They're basically just made of material which changes colour depending on the temperature, but I am simple minded enough to be spell-bound. Nevermind the fact that some of these items are even from the men's collection...

Anyway, I think bedtime now. Last but not least though:

You tell 'em Wingdings!

dimanche 27 juillet 2008

tribute to sylvia plath

Some stills from a stopmotion I am making for art class.

I'm relieved that I finally got that over and done with. The problem with art is that I undermine the subject, and procrastinate from doing any work for it. I'm trying to get all my 12 pieces in on time, but I'm still about 3 short, I think. Anyway, fairly productive weekend actually. I managed to squeeze in some chemistry revision/prac, a photoshoot, chinese oral practise, a trip to the market to pick up some old photoframes and I think I might bake something later today.

Although my final exams are only about 3 months away, I am significantly less stressed right now than I was last term. Probably a false sense of security, but for the time being, smiles everyone.

samedi 19 juillet 2008


I was writing this entry a few days ago, but then I got lazy and only uploaded the photos. Anyway, as some may know by now, Jayne is my walking and talking guide to good food and coffee in Melbourne. From cosy cafes to trendy new bars, she is somehow familiar with them all, and luckily, she likes me enough to share her new findings. This thursday I had finished school at 11am, but decided to stay at school and do homework until Jayne finished class so that I could go have bagels with her at the new place she found. It was 4pm when I finally had a chance to sink my teeth into some solid food, oh lord..

The big fish in the top right corner got so big because it ate the 10 other little fishies. It's a true story.

My bagel. The first time I came I was recommended the chicken one, but as soon as I made the order I was craving a prosciutto and rocket bagel. I promised myself that I would order the prosciutto this time, but they were out of prosciutto, so I had to have ham and tomato instead. POO! So upset.

Jayne always gets the nutella ones. Boring.

Fed and watered.

Since I had my camera with me that day, I also took a photo of the latest watercolour that I'm working on at school. It's almost finished, but I'm not happy with it..


what the fuck fucking motherfucker

Samuel L Jackson says it with the most panache.

mardi 15 juillet 2008

beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice

I remember watching Beetlejuice when I was about 8 and having no idea what was going on. That didn't stop me from loving the movie though. For years the word "Beetlejuice" would sporadically pop up in my head followed by images of staircases turning into snakes and a scruffy decomposing old man sitting on a tombstone. Strangely, I never re-watched the movie until just last night, despite the fact that I had known for ages that it was directed by Tim Burton and starred a very young, very quaint Winona Ryder (who to me, has the charm of a female Johnny Depp). In summation, if you haven't seen it before, you are missing out on some hilarious 60s B horror movie-style Burton fun.

Ok, out of the context of this movie, those two videos probably seem a little random, but you have to admit the music in itself is entertaining enough.

lundi 14 juillet 2008

everybody wants to go to japan

My friend had her 18th the other night and it was announced (to much excitement) that the theme would be 'harajuku'. In the hour before the party I decided I would be attending, and did my best to put together some kind of a last minute costume. A simple enough task if it wasn't for the unspoken pressure for every asian to be extra harajuku considering they were, well, already asian. In the end I decided I couldn't go wrong as long as I had bows a plenty, a short skirt and a lot of white and frilly. Formulaic.

Here is the birthday girl, Kim, looking cheeky.

自拍 哈哈~


School starts tomorrow, I am in denial - sweet sweet denial.

vendredi 11 juillet 2008

Dead Skunk

Dead Skunk

The beautifullest roadkill I have ever seen. If possum roadkill and bird roadkill was anything like this, I would actually enjoy walking to and from school (in the least macabre way possible).

tom lehrer gets it

Hear hear, I too can not wait until the springtime.

And to quote a friend of mine "I hate pigeons; they're just rats with wings". Too true.

jeudi 10 juillet 2008

jan dunning's "metamorphoses" series (2003-06)

The inspiritation I've been looking for! All this with a pinhole camera. Marvel.

mercredi 9 juillet 2008


I left the house today. Actually, I left the house yesterday aswell. But I left the house by myself today.

I changed out of my pyjamas, put on normal clothes and went down the street to pick up some coffee and a roll of 120 film from the photolab. It made me feel so grown up, because lately, I have degenerated into a withdrawn 12 year old.

And yesterday I went to see Kung Fu Panda. It's almost embarassing how much I enjoyed it. I went to bed thinking "I need a Master Shifu in my life to make me a Dragan Warrior"

...metaphorically speaking of course.

dimanche 6 juillet 2008

more words by richard brautigan

i cannot answer you tonight in small portions.

torn apart by stormy loves gate, i float

like a phantom facedown in a well where

the cold dark water reflects vague half-builtstars

and trades all our affection, touching, sleeping

together for tribunal distance standing like

a drowned train just beyond a pile of eskimo


I've been doing some mature thinking (not XXX 'mature'; rather, let's-be-serious 'mature') and have, consequently, set myself some goals. Unfortunately, they are achievable but improbable goals, and will most likely end in definitive failure. All I can hope for is the best that I can do, but I'm scared of receiving a letter telling me that even my best was not good enough. My alibi has been "oh, I didn't even bother trying" for so long that I don't even know what 100% effort feels like anymore. I was arrogant, and now I am beginning to doubt myself. This feels horrible, and I am sad all the time. But I'm not allowed to be sad, because people worry and wonder if there is something worse happening in my life. No, there is nothing dreadful, I'm just egocentric and self-pitying.

mardi 1 juillet 2008


Remember the sweet cupcake boy I blogged about a few days ago? Well, below are the box of cupcakes I bought off him. They looked too darling to eat, so I had to at least take a few photos of them before my cravings took over.


So cute! I gave one of them to mum, and I've promised to take her to the shop sometime.

Anyway, whilst we're on the topic of all things sugary pink, I managed to give myself bubble gum hair the other night! I was playing with my camera, combining flash with long exposure and somehow this effect came out (no photoshop, other than the mirror effect thingo):

The pink came from the red headband I was wearing which you can't see in the photo. Pretty cool eh? Now I know what I'll look like when I dye my hair this colour at the end of the year :)

vote for me!

Maybe over a month ago I came upon a cute photo contest during my online trolling. The theme was "yellow" (I liked that) and the prize was a custom made top by the indie fashion designer who was holding the contest, so I decided to enter. And what do you know, I'm a finalist! Thus, if you love me, please click on the link below and vote me, as I would quite like a pretty top made especially for moi :)