dimanche 31 mai 2009

cravings from the past 24 hours

- bean shoots
- tofu
- korean food
- something with red beans
- ice cream
- KFC 
- spare ribs

Today my appetite has been quite diverse, something like a combination of Asian food and soul food. 

jeudi 28 mai 2009


I was walking past the Architecture Building with some of my classmates the other day and we all remarked on the lingering smell of vomit in that surrounding area. Sarah pointed out the vomit tree, but Ben made a point that it was not the smell of vomit but more likely fertiliser. I was undecided.

...days later..

I walk into the bathroom inside the Architecture Building at 10am and enter the first empty cubicle. Before any unzipping can occur I hear a curious grunting and gasping sound emerging from next door. Thoughts and images flash through my mind. Someone is constipated. No, someone is having sex. No, someone is throwing up. I hear gagging and the non-mistakable smell of vomit creeps into my cubicle. I sit down on the toilet and think about why someone would be throwing up at this hour. Maybe she has an upset stomach, maybe she has been drinking all night (plausible: I can see her feet and they are enclosed in red heels), maybe she is pregnant, or maybe she is bulimic. Juicier yet, maybe the only reason why she vomits is to sustain the unrelenting odor of vomit in this area of the campus. Maybe she vomits in this cubicle every morning at 10am and the toilet flushes directly into the surrounding soil and vegetation.  

mardi 26 mai 2009

furry russian

I have a big head. Finding headwear which fits is a rarity, so I am usually limited to headbands and bows for adorning my head. But I am not a giver-upper. In an act of revolt against the hat industry, I used my own two hands to make myself a winter hat out of some navy faux fur. It looks a bit silly, and a bit DIY, but hopefully I will get a few wears out of it?

For 60s socialite look, just add big dangly earrings.

lundi 25 mai 2009

everything is right with the world


Sometimes, on a good day, I wonder how I could ever be depressed. On those days I want to praise everything. I am extra conscious of how I walk, how my food tastes, how I should colour co-ordinate my nail-polish with my scarf, how nice it is to have rain on a humid day, how fortunate I am to live in an area with quiet tree-lined streets...it is easy to make up reasons to smile when it is a good day. 

I have found that Mondays are usually good days. 

samedi 23 mai 2009

mardi 19 mai 2009

one man's junk doesn't have to be another man's treasure


Here is an idea for anyone who doesn't go to school, doesn't work full time and doesn't ask for anything in return:  

Next time it's hard rubbish day, go out and collect whatever you see potential in and jazz it up a bit. Whatever it is, it might just need a generous layer of orange paint or a few diamantes (those were some pretty silly suggestions, I'm sure you can do better). Then when you are done, return your new masterpiece to its original home. For bonus points, attach a little card with a story or just a greeting to the owner. I would keep it ambiguous though - to maintain optimal mysteriousness. 

And for those who are dismissive of other people's privacy (don't be shy, I'm one of those types) have a secret camcorder set up to film the owner's reaction when they find their revived junk. You would have to be the Grinch to not feel the least bit charmed to receive such a gift. 

lundi 18 mai 2009


How I wish I was one of those kids.

a truth

little starry eyed

When little children sleep, stars come out of their eyes and fill the night sky to remind the rest of us of bedtime.

dimanche 17 mai 2009

be an animal




When I look at these images of Audrey Hepburn showing off her secrets to a graceful and slender physique, my mind reels. It is a visual oxymoron like no other. 

Confused and skeptical, I am peculiarly tempted to give the stretches a try. 

mercredi 13 mai 2009

maximising student potential

You have reason to judge your lecturer when she announces that there will be a 10 day extension for all students in regards to the subject's largest chunk of assessment(50%). And no, not because we have all been hard hit by swine flu (chortle chortle), but because the tutors felt that our drafts were weak and they want us all "to do better". I would be more relieved and less judgmental if it wasn't for the fact that this "huge" assessment was actually a meagre 1500 word essay. And we even had a chance to receive feedback on our drafts. And about 2 months to work on it. And this is the so called highbrow system of university. Somehow it feels more like year 3 when we had to design our own cereal boxes after learning about wheat for a term. 

(This sounds like complaining but really I am gloating that I had the foresight to pick a subject which has been running for only two years. Even the professors have little confidence in it, so as students we get the rare benefit of the doubt.)

mardi 12 mai 2009

chemistry in glamour


Getting a perm is really just initiating a series of redox reactions between the disulfide bridges in your hair proteins. 


I think this girl must've had watermelon on her mind when she got dressed that morning. 

source: dropsnap

dimanche 10 mai 2009

make-up tricks

The best solution to avoiding the dreaded smudged eye make-up look is to just be a panda. 

samedi 9 mai 2009

a sensible thought

Recently I have been very into the idea of giving organic gifts. I was browsing through a nursery a few days ago looking for something suitable for mother's day, and upon stumbling into the courtyard at the back, I felt something which I can only described as "inner peace". So my conclusion is I should work at a nursery, or at least a florist. It would do me good.