samedi 29 septembre 2007

hello darkness my old friend

Violet was a dancing puppet with a nothing disposition.
Violet you are nothing with a nothing reputation.
Darling give us jazz, ah you are such a poppet
Oh you dancing little puppet.
Violet be a sheep now, aren't you a pretty lamb
Oh you, you nasty ewe, don't give me that look.
I am the Shepherd and you are my sheep,
So now Violet, I order you to leap!
Gimme jazz, pretty lamb and then you shall leap.
When I say steady, you'll be ready,
And when I say ready, you'll be steady,
So when I say GO! you'd better gimme
Jazz, pretty lamb then leap - GO!
What are you doing you stupid darling?
Violet don't be Violent, Violet be a sheep!
Oh my wretched little puppet be a poppet,
Or you'll cop it.
"NO!" said Violet the Violent puppet who's not my poppet
"Goodbye darkness my old friend, I wont be coming to talk with you again!"
Violet don't go! But Violet went.
Silly Violet, being Violent.
You'll come to talk with me again.
Violet, darling, you wont forget
You're my dancing puppet.

lundi 24 septembre 2007

sandy point

My beautiful friend Alana invited me to her beach house for the weekend. I've known that she has a beach house at Sandy Point (southern coast of Victoria, Australia incase you're wondering) since I was 10 probably and she's been inviting me since we were 12. BUT, for some reason I hadn't ever been until now...why? I don't know, if I knew I wouldn't be here and would instead be out there living a more worthwhile life.

I was really rather excited that she had invited me because I had just been planning to do a photoshoot at a beach but didn't know where I could find a nice deserted one. Sandy Point was perfect <3 For the shoot I'd decided to use a lomo actionsampler(I'm sooooo stupid) but I only brought down 400 film and it was such a sunny day that I bet everything just got overexposed and won't be able to be fixed during developing NOR in photoshop and it'll be shit and kjgkdjklcfdafd. So I was real angry and took a few shots with my trusty (kiss kiss) D70 and here they are:

If nothing else works I will have these not very good and also strange looking shots at was meant to be Jackson Pollock-ish but instead it's more Saw meets Kill Bill.

OK. Yea, that photoshooot was a disaster, Alana got paint on her bathers, I almost dropped D70 into the sea, I chucked paint in the wrong direction because of the wind, I lost my head, there was sand EVERYWHERE, Alana got paint in her mouth, she was blindfolded so was having severe anxiety attacks, I wasn't blindfolded but was also having severe anxiety attacks....we were just glad when it was all over.

This is my hand at the end of it. And unfortunately, the red paint didn't want to come off easily so I just look like some kind of murderer or butcher now..

The bag of equipment and props after being used. Wasn't nice. I wanted to incinerate it.

The room we stayed in...I thought it was charming but alone..could be creepy.

This is Alana's little sister, she is such a sweetheart I could eat her ^^ But she has a bad habit of repeating the lines in Doctor Who when we're trying to watch the show. Oh yea, I developed a bad addiction to Doctor Who after watching an entire season over the weekend.

Mikey was in the backseat by himself singing "Mr. Lonely" hehehhha.

We found a DVD of the first Harry Potter movie and had a good sigh and speculation over what a cute boy Daniel Radcliffe once was. Sigh..

But all good things must come to an end and we had to pack up to drive back to Melbourne. Alana looks like she's talking about something serious.

Yea, it was a pretty exhausting weekend..

Surely even the best photographers liked a bit of mirror shots...

Mikey was pretending to be Spiderman(he has a Spiderman sleeping bag aswell)

The most sensible shot probably..

Everything is green in this picture..weird.

Awwww...Megan said something funny during dinner. We were talking about drugs for some reason and Megan suddenly said "Oh yea, we did drugs at school the other week!". Everyone was like O_o She meant "We learn about drugs at school the other week"

The windscreen was covered in little hand prints =P

Mikey is so strong he carries his bike instead of riding it.

Big hug. Lexie the dog has Alana's camera round her neck. She used to try and eat me everytime we met, but after a long car ride sitting next to her, we're like THIS now. See, we even camera geek together now.

On the way back the sunset was beautiful, but ALWAYS on Alana's side of the car. So instead I had to take photos of Alana taking photos of the sunset.

She was admiring the clouds.

So that was my lovely weekend! I'm now a Doctor Who enthusiast and a Mathew Broderick fan.

vendredi 21 septembre 2007

i have attractive friends

I have really nothing to blog about tonight. But, I went out for dinner and the restaurant was cute and the company was pretty; so I have goodlooking photos.

My attractive company: Gabby and Caity.

You can't really see it, but the round sign across the road says "The Black Pearl". ehehhe

The one thing I hate is white balance in dim light. I just can't get it right, ever. Always need to resort to photoshop, which is why these photos sort of have different tones.

.......and that's all.

Tomorrow I'm going to my friend Alana's beach house for the weekend. Woo! I haven't finished packing, but I'm tired so I'm going to sleep now.

~ Sunni xo

jeudi 20 septembre 2007

anthropic principle

"There are either many different universes or many different regions of a single universe, each with its own initial configuration and, perhaps, with its own set of laws of science. In most of these universes the conditions would not be right for the development of complicated organisms; only in the few universes that are like ours would intelligent beings develop and ask the question: "Why is the universe the way we see it?" The answer is then simple: If it had been different, we would not be here!"

- Stephen Hawkings on the anthropic principle (though he is not the one who derived the anthropic principle)

In short, the anthropic principle endeavours to explain the meaning of life and the universe as "We're here because we just are, so there!" For the time being, this explanation satisfies me(probably because the word 'anthropic' sounds sexy and important). Though, you don't have to think too deeply to realise that it's just distracting you from the original question of "but why??".

The cleverer we become, the more insecure we are about everything we 'know'. To me, the world began to end the moment homo sapiens set foot on earth. I don't believe that the human race evolved directly from apes, there was definitely a missing link. And let's just label the missing link as 'the devil'; that niche in time and nature, and what we should direct all worldly problems onto, so that we don't feel as bad. It is sad, but somehow, evolution does not seem to benefit humans. The more we know and the more complex our cognition becomes, the deeper our problems are perceived to be. As human emotions expand and intertwine, the more difficult it is to see the solution. So what do we do? Rely on geniuses such as Stephen Hawkings to ease our minds, or is it people like that who broaden the scope of how much we don't know? By this stage of questioning, the anthropic principle looks to be very refreshing.

I did this today with charcoal and acrylic and I call it "Talk Shit About a Pretty Sunset".

dimanche 16 septembre 2007


I hate how a year is divided into little systematic segments. Seasons, school terms, months, menstrual cycles, deadlines - couldn't everything just be one big slab? There would be no such thing as urgency nor would anyone distress over forgetting to wear scarves while the weather was still cold. I can't believe it's been another entire term since the last time I complained about hating school holidays. On the brightside, spring is here. I like spring, but only the very very beginning of spring when trees are just beginning to blossom. When the little leaves start to sprout though, it's all over. I only like that week long period when it's just the flowers and the naked branches. I promised myself that I was going to take pretty photos of the blossoms but I left it too late. Trust me to do that.

Today it was really windy and just when it started to rain, mum decided that we should go for a walk. She'd seen these beautiful camellias on a nearby street and she wanted to get(steal) some cuttings while every other sane person was indoors.

You know what else I hate? I hate how people in my art class stick really thick chunky things like pretty fabric and little 3d decorations into their research workbooks. It makes their books look ostentatiously fat and mine look morbidly anorexic because I have actual RESEARCH and DRAWINGS filling my pages. Ok, that was a bit harsh of me, I'm just jealous that I'm not very good at finding bulky things and pasting it in. Too bad.

This weekend I've been looking at a lot of Schiele and pretty much copying his style straight off. Infact, I copied(attempted to copy) 3 of his styles. Oh well, since I don't have my own style yet, I might as well imitate the best. He may have died from syphilis, but you can't deny that the man's got style.

Imitation no.1

Acrylic and charcoal - I think Egon would be turning in his grave if he knew that this was meant to resemble his style.

Imitation no.2

Charcoal - This was originally a male model for Lanvin. But because I've been goggling over so much Schiele, everything I draw is starting to look...a bit tortured and angsty itself.

Imitation no.3

Acrylic and charcoal - This is probably the most commonly known Schiele style. But judging on my painting, I doubt anyone can recognise any Schiele-ness. I'm being self-deprecating again. *cut* There is a fine line between being aware of one's shortcomings and being emo.

I hope one day I get over my petty peeves. Do I sound really immature and annoying everytime I write an entry? I bet I do, don't I? Am I cringe-worthy? Sometimes I worry that I sound too much like Adrian Mole or Holden Caufield. I hope I do something productive tomorrow.

Good night. xo

samedi 1 septembre 2007

a lot to do with trains

Tomorrow I have to:

- Write an English commentary
- Write a TOK oral
- Fill in a term's worth of pages in my art research workbook
- Oh, and fill in a term's worth of TOK journal entries
- Clean my room
- Re-do my wall
- Read Macbeth again
- Read a Chinese book with mum (I'm going to feel SO condescended..)
- and do something Father's Day-ish.

monumental sigh. How are your weekends?

Gah, on a happier note, some of my photos were finally processed. Yippeeeeee!

I'm going to be a whore now and post pretty much all of them. In chronological order obviously (these date back as far as 2 months :|)

Something terribly faulty happened to the first frame. I almost like it though..

Waiting for train photo.

Still waiting...

Waiting for trains brings out the narcissism in all of us obviously...

The $10 camera doesn't cope well in anything other than broad daylight. So there's going to be more dodgey, dingy, shady (etc.) pictures to come. *blush*

At that great arcade across the road from Degrave's.


We went to Melbourne Uni for their open day. Though we don't really want to go there (it's an IB snob thing)

Cute eh? ^^

My eskimo friend.

Gabby decided that since I would probably never go to Melbourne Uni as a student, she'd take a touristy photo of me with the nice building to mark the occasion.

I'm in the middle of chewing gum and talking. Classy :9

Yea, dodgey bad photo..

Honestly, don't remember taking this one. Must've seen something funny in that frame at the time..

This and the following were taken when my cousin and I invaded Preshil (as we often do) to use their basketball court(s).

This is a big mushroom we found.

and this is their little vegie patch which I visit every now and again to remind myself of the simple pleasures in life. My cousin and I love Preshil's charming little school grounds. ^^

Michelle being emo-tional. Once again, terrible(no, non-existent) lighting.

eheh, Jayne reminded me of what happened in this picture. We were next to the train station and we could hear the train coming, but I just had to take a photo of the red post box. We made it onto the train though =P Skillz.

Yea, I take a lot of photos around train stations..


still at the station..

outside the station now...

Wasting more film..

And finally dad picks me up from the station. This is from back window of the car. If you look closely you can see the city buildings in the distance...this is probably the prettiest photo from the roll; I fail at life.

Eating Japanese food! Something funky happened at these last few frames aswell. You can see a sliver of Bernie's nose and hand to the right of this picture (do you see it?)

More terrible lighting and pointless photos.

LAST FRAME! But it's another faulty one. Though I don't mind, it now has two of my favourite things in it; abundant bottles of paints and inks and Japanese food.

OK. That was a lot of time spent blogging. The "tomorrow" which I mentioned at the top of this entry is almost "today" now. I'm going to sleep for a few meager hours now and then attack my to-do list with gusto! *feeling spirited*

bonne nuit mes cheries~