vendredi 27 juin 2008

oh yea, one more thing which restores my trust in humanity

some things which happened today and made me believe in humanity

- the buzz of 2 coffees before it was even 8am

- the third coffee which Gabby bought me after hearing I went to bed at 4am

- the printer which printed out colour but only charged me for black and white

- Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

- handing in my maths portfolio aswell as my TOK essay

- the nice lady at the train station who believed I was honest

- good conversation on the train with Yui

- the Thai pumpkin soup I had for lunch

- the sweet boy at the cupcake shop who wore Wayfarer glasses

- Justin being useful and patient for once

- the exercise I got from trolling the city for a good hairdresser

- eventually finding one

- the complimentary Japanese green tea served in a pretty teacup

- being the first to see Yui's new fringe

- the young man on the train with a bouquet of roses

- dad picking picking me up from the station

- being able to feel relaxed for the first time in weeks

Yay for the simple pleasures in life.

mardi 24 juin 2008


Tomorrow I have a maths test, but it's 3 days before holidays and the reports are already written(read: I don't give a *bleep*). So instead of studying, I created a collage of things which I am pining for right now.

from top left:

1. Vintage Levi's 501 from ebay (I'd wear them cuffed)
= $19.95

2. Lomo actionsampler camera from ebay
= $43.95

3. Marc Jacobs black oxfords on sale now on net-a-porter
= $486

4. Floral Dr. Martens from
= $110

5. Children's Polo crewneck sweater from
= $44.99

6. (the most perfect) Marni platforms from
= $452

7. Tortoise shell Wayfarer glasses frames from
= price not listed, estimate ~$150

8. Leather backpack
= since the one I really want is by Alexanda Wang, I'd say $400 at least. AT LEAST.

9. White cable knit tights from
= $15

GRAND TOTAL: $1729.89(at least)

This is why I hate shopping.

Australian Boy

Ok, there is no denying the fact that "American Boy" is catchy, so excuse me for actually liking the song. This remix is just funny though.

dimanche 22 juin 2008


I've been feeling strangely idle this weekend, so yesterday afternoon I went for a walk with Maddy around the neighbourhood. I decided to mount on ye old broken 50mm 1.8 lens which I now seldom use. It no longer has auto focus nor metering, so highly impractical on most occasions. Anyway, brace yourselves for some serious homage to the floral and the mundane.

Everyone is a silly photographer with a dslr these days.

I love the curly tendrils at the nape of her neck.

Overcast days are my favourite when taking photos.

Scientologists are the new Mormons. eastern suburbia? We had a good chuckle.

And that's about it. I came home with a DVD of 'Pulp Fiction', though I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Last night 'Good Bye Lenin!' was on TV and I had watched that instead. I think I recommend it.

Oh, one last thing. I convinced my friend to make a blog :)

mercredi 18 juin 2008

they think we're disposable, well both my thumbs are opposable

A few Saturdays ago I woke up at noon and felt inundated with gloom. There was no one home, I had missed out on my hair appointment, and I had stood up my friend for our morning walk in the park. On top of that, I was meeting Gabby at the library in an hour's time and I was going to have to train there by myself.

Sulking and brooding, I made my way into the city and on the spur of the moment, I went into the Safeway outside the Melbourne Central train station and bought myself a disposable camera. Somehow I thought it would make me feel better. Gabby said I would be disappointed by the results. She likes to put a dappener on things.

As it turned out, my badluck continued that day. The library was packed, so we headed to Starbucks to use their powerpoints and comfy couches.

I inevitably had to buy a drink. My first Starbucks drink in a veerrry long time.

Why do I always make stupid faces in photos.....

My 'working hard' face.

Gabby's 'no photos' face (or lack of face).

We got bored of pretending to work pretty quickly, so off we went to wander the city and do something much needed window shopping.

I wanted to show her the black leafy necklace I had bought on sale, so we had to go into the most claustrophobic shiny and pink jewellery store. She doesn't look impressed. I like the "nothing over $5" sign in the background.

Babushka doll shop!

I think this might be the next day. Once again coming out of Melbourne Central, heading for the library.

After waiting outside the library for a good 20minutes, Jayne sheepishly turned up.

I love not learning from mistakes. The library was packed again because we had arrived 45minutes after it opened. So Starbucks it was then.

After minimal studying, we were off again. I don't remember how we ended up in the craft store.

I found these felt flowers. Decided to buy one to make a hairclip. Also found some feathers to go with it. I'll have to post a picture of the hairclip sometime. I'm fairly proud of this little DIY project.

We then decided it was time for pho. Every now and again, I get the most intense pho cravings, it's crazy.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! YES.

Satisfaction. I got a medium and Jayne got a small. I felt like a fatty, but at least a happy one.

I then I had a slice of mango cake aswell. I was greedy and tired from eating so much. Jayne took this.

This is a Japanese doll thing I made years and yeeaarrrss ago. It's been hanging there since. I think my friend who helped me make it had said that it was meant to bring good weather(?)

Tuesday I went out to the library again to finally get some work done. It worked this time! Probably because I was by myself. I wanted to get this roll of film developed, so on my lunch break I took a trip to the photolab and snapped the last few frames. This is a generic urban laneway.

Outside the photolab I took the final frame.

I think I went for pho by myself after that. Jayne decided she wanted to hang out later that afternoon, so we had sushi and mango cake again. Disgusting combination, I know. Oh well, I get hungry when I'm studying. Though studying rarely happens...

I think I will finish reading "A Streetcar Named Desire" now. Right after I get some tea and biscuits...

mardi 17 juin 2008


Lately, I feel overwhelmed and despondant everyday, which surprises me, because I don't consider myself to be under that much pressure. I've always been the laid back one, but I find that I am getting more and more apprehensive about everything. I guess this has been happening since I was little; sometimes I just think too hard and too much that my anxieties become surreal and un-tameable, so I would cry or go to sleep. It's always worse when I'm by myself, because although I enjoy the solitude, I need distractions to keep me sane.

Most of the time, I wish childhood lasted longer, or adolescence was more like childhood. I still think that life should be about being happy, but I know that is naive.

"You shall above all things be glad and young" says Cummings, but I find that his is being naive aswell.

dimanche 15 juin 2008


Snow people:

big ones

happy ones

melting ones

boy ones

girls ones