jeudi 15 mai 2008

Ugly hair makes me feel shitty. Today I realised how ugly and long my hair was getting. The two sides were un-even and my fringe was beginning to poke into my cornea.


Also, I officially have a crooked mouth =\

Anyway, I got restless so I attacked my hair with some scissors.

The fringe looks alright(at least I can see now, so no complaints) but I don't know if the back has a gaping bald patch or not. Dad said it's alright - I take his word for it. Last night he had tried to shave his head again, but I had to help him do the back. It seems as though both him and I have a fervour for self-haircuts. Maybe something to do with our self-consciousness and ardour for DIY projects.

Not such a bad sideview considering I couldn't see what I was doing. Though I guess I mostly left the side/back tresses alone.

Going to do some chem studying now. Which sucks. But today in psych class, we saw a video of a Bulgarian institution for abondoned children with disabilities, and I felt bad for thinking that I had it hard.

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Revilo a dit…

The lighting in that second photo is far more flattering.

However, I think a Sunji with rather long hair would look quite attractive. Have you ever tried it before?

86282062J a dit…

=p, i have a adjust my fringe soon. One side is getting too long.

hmm, i'm not very good at giving sympathy. Doesn't seem to work very well, especially not on film. I guess (to me) that no one has it easy, for difficult areas will arise pending on your social standing.

Oliver: girls with short hair are so much more magnetic. Although i'm still interested to see Sunni with long hair.

la petite rêveuse a dit…

Can I suggest we all go get lives?
Fuck no. We can't.

Revilo a dit…

Hehe, magnetic.

Sunji already has attractive force!

It's probably about (300 * 6.67 * 10^-11) / How far away I am from Sunji...

Not much, admittedly :P

la petite rêveuse a dit…

Please stop hitting on my girlfriend with nerd talk. I bet she's feeling violated.

nonpareil a dit…

somebody washout my eyes.