vendredi 2 mai 2008

no surprises

I got back my roll of film from last weekends photoshoot today! was slightly dissappointing.

But photoshop can fix it!

...but I'm not going to show you the results yet.

Hopefully the few shots which I have left can be amended by some major cosmetic surgery and embellishment. We shall see. My art teacher, the ever thoughtful one, should be of some help.

On the same roll I had some random shots of friends in cafes. No surprises there. It seems to be my thing.

We accept you, one of us! Gooble gobble!



Dinner conversation is very good in our circle of friends.

"Bored, going to photograph my feet" type photo whilst waiting for my models to show up. My feet look disgustingly similar to chicken's feet here. The resemblance is almost profound enough for my feet to be served at yumcha. Those disgusting Asians....will eat anything I tell you! I had some type of fungus for dinner just then.

I thought you ought to know.

PS: Yay the weekends are here! You have any plans?

6 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

Gobble gobble.

Matt Lew a dit…

The amount of dust that gets on my negs when I scan them is really starting to piss me off. I spend most of the time cloning them out.

I have a photog workshop tomorrow @ Melb Uni. My friend signed me up and I have to go because it's $5. =p Hopefully it's interesting. Apparently it's going to be filled with fobs.

nonpareil a dit…

revilo: gobble gobble GOBBLE.

matt: $5 workshop sounds too good to be true :9 and yes, dust is a nuisance :(

Revilo a dit…

Gobble gobble gobble gobble...

Interesting enough my brother did that last night at dinner, in respect to me xD

Anonyme a dit…

hi i love your fotos
what kind of camera do you use?

nonpareil a dit…

anonyme: um...the photos in this entry was taken with a pentax k1000 film slr camera with a 50mm f/1.7 lens. in some other posts i use a nikon d70 digital slr or a holga. thanks.