dimanche 25 mai 2008

the breakfast club

So...another weekend has come and gone. I don't get much done over the two days, so I always finish the week in mild depression rather than satisfaction. I started off Saturday quite well actually, got up at 8am to have breakfast with Maddy and Alana. I haven't had a proper breakfast since mum left. When there's no one to drag me out of bed, it's impossible for me to get up early enough to fit in a meal. You can imagine my satisfaction when I had a proper breakfast of omelette with sour dough toast.


After an uplifting breakfast, we went for a walk and came upon this rather cheesy looking shadow.

Sexy time.

I wanted to get some proper portraits of Maddy and Alana so I could use them as reference pictures for more watercolours. Maddy is ALWAYS photogenic and Alana is always happy to co-operate. I love my friends <3

I wanted angst. They delivered.

Maddy and I have now had breakfast together two weekends in a row. It's becoming quite a tradition! Alana has also been inducted. I'm already brainstorming prospective cafes for next weekend's breakfast.

Puss puss


3 commentaires:

la petite rêveuse a dit…

i feel so excluded.

nonpareil a dit…

yup, you *are* excluded.

not that i don't love you, but because of the distance between us <\3

Revilo a dit…

Everyone has cold morning faces.

I.e. sort of bleary eyed, red nosed faces =P