lundi 19 mai 2008


A few weeks ago I took this photo:

and tonight I felt like doing a photo-manipulation so I made this:

and at school I'm also doing a watercolour loosely based on it:

I've finished it now, but don't have a photo yet. It's rather flat looking though, so I might work on it some more when I can be bothered. I'm glad I milked so many ideas out of the one photo though, my art teacher will be pleased at this 'development of ideas'. Um..yea, alright day at school. I'm of a calm, content disposition right now. I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom, and went "merde". Let's just say I realised I must have been PMS-ing in my entries from a few days back.




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86282062J a dit…

awww, i liked you better when you were pmsing :(

Anyway, She looks scary. My brother saw it over my shoulder and said, "HOLY SHIT THAT SO FUCKED UP GET IT AWAY" really loud, in a volume greater than caps lock.