mercredi 7 mai 2008

"Last night I felt the approach of nothing. Not too close but on its way, like a wingbeat, like the cooling of the wind, the slight initial tug of an undertow."

I need more than just deadlines to motivate me, but it seems as though life will present me with nothing else. Is it life that I hate? or is it myself?

Or is hate just too strong of a word for someone as vague as myself to use?

In which case, I dislike being morbid and depressed. I dislike having no moral fibre. I dislike thinking about my thinking. Fuck.


FUCK is a satifying word. Someone should conduct a study on why.

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Revilo a dit…

Fuck is exciting because it's breaking conventions. Say it too often and it will lose its meaning, and become a convention.

Thinking about thinking is what makes us human, either that or sentient. One could say that animals think, but it is only humans that are aware of their thoughts.

Smiley face?

Revilo a dit…

"Thinking about thinking is what makes us human, either that or sentient. "

Of course that's my excuse for everything. Feel free to ignore it xD

nonpareil a dit…

'fuck' is physically a feel-good word to say. in pronouncing the letter 'f', tension is built between the lips and the teeth, then the wide vowel sound of the 'u' releases this tension, and finally this explosion is choked by the throaty 'ck' sound at the end. in affect, anger is vented and closed.

that's my theory at least...

la petite rêveuse a dit…

And you know what should be a real study? Whether people in the 21st Century really are more depressed than our 18th and 19th Century counterparts. Was Emma really banal?