jeudi 22 mai 2008


"So Sunni, what are you favourite things?"

Oh, let's like pretty things, gimmicky things, things which remind me of fairies, and....oh! BUTTERFLIES!

"Really now? I think Alex Reeder, a grad student at NYU, must've had you on his mind when he designed this Butterfly dress then!"

Pictured below is the aforementioned dream dress. It might look a bit like a white sheet wrapped around the wearer's bust but the real magick bit about it is that it has butterflies on it that flap their wings to the beat of the wearer's heart. Tell me that doesn't sound like a line out of a fairytale.

Just to make me melt a little further into the ground, the butterflies also incorporate the proximity of surrounding people to properly time the wing flapping. So, probably not the most discrete thing to wear on a first date, but it's the thought that counts, and this dress sure is full of brain power! Gosh I love tech savvy things.

I hope this Alex Reeder makes more clothes like this, except maybe with more flattering cuts. Never the less, this is SO going to by my wedding dress.

Damn, I am smittens over a couple of flapping fabric butterflies.

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I think this would be far more neat and cute if I saw it in it's not as cool as it seems =P