dimanche 18 mai 2008

Ok, so I didn't actually do much this weekend, but for some reason I am in the mood for doing a good old fashioned cacophony of photos blog entry. First bunch of photos are from Friday night when we went to the Global Night Shift concert and the others are from this morning at Camberwell market.


In true yomuchacha style, the story begins at a train station with Gabby posing awkwardly and unwillingly. Pfft, as if she had a choice anyway.

She's thinking "How much would I just love to grab onto her obnoxiously phallic lens and hurl it along with the rest of the camera body onto the tracks..."

She ruined my ^_^ face photo.

In theme to my ^_^ face, we got some Japanese-ish food for dinner because we were running late. We bought this pancake thing. It tasted like potatoes and other left over vegetables mashed together, coated in flour and panfried. Not bad, not bad.

We also got some lollies. Sexy right? My idea. She tried to take one of me in the same pose, but it looks so retarded that I'm not going to share.

My sexy ideas didn't end there. Our tram had collided with another tram so I had plenty of time to make candy faces on my legs. And cause Gabby much embarassment.

Took us a while, but we eventually arrived at the place of the concert. We found this statue of someone cartwheeling. Gabby had to join in the spinning fun.

"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" like you never weed before Gabby! (pun on wee intended?)

The first band who played were quite reggae and the lead singer sounded very Cuban. He was quite scary actually. Cool, but quite scary. I don't actually know what the band is called...I wasn't really interested or even heard of any of the bands other than Evermore. Most of the following pictures were taken because I thought the lighting was arousing my obnoxiously phallic lens.

And then there was this other band(maybe more than one band...I dont remmeber) so bad and so ugly and so boring that I don't want to blog about them. Ok.

This band was ok, but I love this photo. The compression here doesn't do it justice, click on the image to enlarge, and you too will hopefully be greatly amused by this guy's "passionate" expression.

THIS band I do remember the name of. Only because people were chanting "EVERMORE! EVERMORE!" before they these guys had even left the stage, so me and Gabby felt bad for them and started chanting "HAMPTON! HAMPTON!" since that was the name of their band. Yea, great story that one.

Their lead singer had a nice dress. Quite like the pretty colours in this photo.

And I liked the whispy hair and pose in this shot. Blogspot really doesn't do the photo justice, imo, so click to enlarge.

I SPIES AN EMO! Get happy, or I tell the fat security guard to lug you out. heh


Random content girl! I find this photo so amusing for some reason.

Oh, and then Evermore finally did come on. I was happy to be so close. I was sitting on a box for set equipment or something on the side of the stage. Extremely comfortable, and good spot for taking photos. The aforementioned fat security guard kept eyeing me suspiciously, but I had him convinced that I was a proffessionally hired photographer thanks to the big-ass serious businesss camera. Yea, what do you think of the D70 NOW Gabby? eh?

I did enjoy the red lighting. Looks very poor quality here though, enlarge pls.

And this is my trophy shot: he's actually looking into my lens! Well, more like a stoned gaze, but close enough man!

Afterwards while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up, we were criticising the ugly sculptures Melbourne has. For example, this weird boxy cow thing stuck in a tree by the riverside. Tres avant garde, non? Non.

So yeeeeeeeeaa, that was basically Friday night. Don't remember Saturday. Well, I do, but nothing to say about it. It was chem tutor in the morning, pretending to do homework in the afternoon/night, and wasting time in between.

This morning, however, I got up at 7:55 so that I could go to Camberwell market with Maddy bright and early. It was raining and horrid, but I wore my gumboots and rugged up so it was refreshingly chilly rather than bone-achingly freezing. I also had a potato cake, a jam donut and a hot chocolate for breakfast, so I was VERY satisfied.

Maddy bought a falafel wrap for breakfast, that was interesting...smelled delicious though.

We also found this rather cute store owned by a nice man with an European accent. Maddy bought a very cute beret for only $5.

And I got these little felt hairclips!

On the tram home we were the only passengers. Maddy was taking photos of the chairs on the tram for an art project..

=) pretty

Oh, and when I got home I wanted to work on my visual diary for school aswell, and realised how ugly my pages were. I decided to take some photos of the fabric on all my clothes with floral designs. I have a LOT of florals it seems...these are not all of them.

They are quite cute though aren't they? Makes me happy to see them set out like that. It's very neat and pretty and slightly kitsch but very simple. Reminds me of Swedes. I think I'll blog about my love for all things Swedish some day.

It is now 12:31am. I should sleep, or study for tomorrow's psychology essay. Life is busy busy busy. Hard to stay on top of things, in fact I think I no longer care about it. Most deadlines were made to be postponed anyway =P

God kvall min sot,
Sunni xoxo

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