mardi 28 octobre 2008

surprise package

Just a little while ago my mum came home and asked me why I had a package from New York. For a moment I was thinking "Did I accidentally apply for a University in New York?", but then I remembered - it's my prize from the photo contest I entered back in June!

I love receiving packages. I used to get mail from my Swedish penpal, but eversince we started embracing this digital age, it's just been emails and msn. Now the only times I receive packages is when I buy off ebay, which isn't very frequently. Admittedly, this package would have to be one of my favourites since it's sent from Brooklyn NY! (One of the many places where I hope to live one day)

So I opened the envelope and there was this little sweet smelling parcel inside. Keiko, the girl who held the competition, had also included a little packet of candy. awww

And this is my prize - a custom made top. I'm so glad that it fits perfectly, considering I had given her some rather dodgey measurements, though I slightly regret picking such serious colours. Now I want to buy more of her clothes in brighter colours, but unfortunately my bank account seems to be quite comfortable sitting at a grand sum of $6.50.

For those of you who aren't as desparately broke as me, please go visit her clothing site Postlapsaria and support the little people. It might be a little more expensive than chainstores, but consider that each item is uniquely handmade by a very cute Brooklyn girl with a cool name.

4 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

You, my dear friend, need to learn how to link things properly.

Personally I have $666 in the bank, and am leaving it undisturbed because it's such a perfect number.

"Congratulations to Sunni, the winner of our photo contest! Sunni wins a custom Postlapsaria shirt! "


I find receiving letters and mail delicious. Hence why for a little while before I was sending and receiving letters from Lobster, and from a girl who lives in Bendigo.

Neither of then loves me any more, evidently.

nonpareil a dit…

fixed it. i've learnt that typing in only www. stuffs it up, you have to have the http://

anyway, i only like mail that's from someone i dont know or from a far away place. i dont really the see fun in it otherwise...

Yarshk a dit…

I like whatever background it is that you've got there. Bedsheets? I'm jealous of your bedsheets. Damnit, i want colourful bedsheets.

p.s. that voting competition was riggggggggged.

Revilo a dit…

They look like doona covers.

This raises the question, what colour are Eric's bedsheets? Is his entire house grey and white?

(By the way, it is a nice watermelon colour, but I don't think I could stand it for long)