lundi 13 octobre 2008

new toy

Sunday I went to the market with mum and she bought me a new camera! It's an Olympus Trip 35, and didn't cost much. I've never used a rangefinder before, but this one looks easy enough. Also, the previous owner told me she still has a half-finished roll of film from two years ago in the camera, so it'll be interesting to develop them and see what sort of shenanigans she had been up to.


PS: I think my art exam went swell, it was so satisfying to see all my work before me. I might post some photos of my display and my final pieces once I remember where I saved the meantime I should study for my 5 other subjects. BUT. 1 month from now, I shall be free as a bird. I should start researching if bonfire's are allowed in suburban backyards; I am determined to set one up so that I can dance around it as I burn all my books and watch a better more exciting future be born through the ashes of what was once highschool. Speaking of highschool, I watched "Welcome to the Dollhouse" over the weekend again. It's my new favourite guilty pleasure.

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Matt Lew a dit…
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Matt Lew a dit…

Wow which market did you go to? The Sunday market or the photography market? =p Both were on Sunday at Camberwell. I spent $350 at the photog market. Xp Was going to buy a Trip 35 as well, but didn't know how well they worked so gave it a pass.

nonpareil a dit…

oh really?? damn! you should've let me know! i went to sunday market. i decided to buy the trip 35 because it seemed like a rangefinder for dumbasses...besides, if i get sick of it i can just stop using it since it was only a $20 i think. what did you spend the $350 on? i hope you didn't see any hasselblads for under $500 >.<

i'd be kicking myself.

Anonyme a dit…

I have to admit, out of everything you posted there, what intrigues me most is the possibility of what's on that reel.

Certainly it could be banal and poorly taken photos of landscapes and people smiling, but let your imagination run wild for a moment.

Yarshk a dit…

Yay, happiness, blue tinges and ornamental facades! Joyous times are yet to come and there's mutant grass in my garden... Spring's been a bit hyperactive i say.

Matt Lew a dit…

Ah nah, there were a couple but they were 503cx's...which I reckon would be at least $2k. There was a Pentacon 6 kit I would've happily gone halves with you though. $950 but there are about 4 lenses + 2 bodies etc.

I bought:

135mm f/2.8 + 35-70 f/4 for my OM-4
BG-E2n for my 40D
Focusing screen for my Blad for $5 but it's worth at least $80. =D Was real happy with that.

peter rabbit. a dit…

have you tried the peony garden camera store on little lonsdale st across from miss sixty and bettina liano?

la petite rêveuse a dit…

I shouldn't cry it gives me a headache. Please do me a favour and do not publish our teary photo on fb