jeudi 16 octobre 2008


By the way, I finally found where I had saved the photos of my school artwork. This is one of my pieces:

Ceramic heads individually sculpted and handpainted, mounted onto wooden plaques I bought at a craft store. The plaques are about 30cm x 20cm each. These were so fun to make, and a break from all the photography and painting I'm usually obsessing over!

4 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

In a word, disturbing.

nonpareil a dit…

oh good! i'm glad you've found most of my work weird/disturbing/creepy/etc.

i'd cry if you said "cute!" or "ooh, pretty"

matryoshka a dit…

cute! ooh, pretty!

Yarshk a dit…

one of them looks like it has a brain tumour.