jeudi 30 octobre 2008


I haven't done a proper picture post in a while. Here are some I found.

This was last day of school, we all dressed up. I shot this and the one below with the Olympus Trip. It really only works in good daylight. I love how bad this photo is. Everyone is making a face in a different direction except for Alana. hahaha

Can you guess who we are? hint: we are all characters who begin with Ma____

Super cute dresses worn at valedictory lunch.

Taken at the opening of the IB graduate exhibition. Who said Asian kids can't be arty and alternative?

Jayne scanned this old roll from her Lomolitos. I took this one of a patch of pretty leaves. Flash photography is in.

I can't take nice photos. I'm either fake smiling or doing something weird.

I can't wait 'till exams are over, I've currently got an eye on some 120 film (in bulk!) on ebay.

5 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

I think Mary and Madeline were obvious, though Mary looks the best

The only reason I got the third one was because I think I heard someone talking about it.
Seriously, how does that one connect? =P

Yarshk a dit…

Alana looks like she stepped out of a terrible crime show.
Maddy looks she goes to Carey
Gabby looks cold
Sunni looks motherly
Asian kids can't be arty. They become entrepreneurs and sell their goods making a million bucks.

no really. Who is gabby dressed up as?

She's Dressing Up a dit…

These are all lovely photos. Dressing up as MA...s is such a fun idea!

nonpareil a dit…

revilo: yea...i generously lent the third one a houndstooth blazer that was once mum's to make her look a little more Mad Hatter but she declined saying that she had her own blazer. well, she didn't. so she looks more like a golf player with a top hat.

yarrrrshkkk: alana was meant to be 'mafia'. maddy did look like she goes to carey...the dress does belong to a carey girl afterall. gabby always looks cold and sunni always looks motherly, you punk. and asian kids so can be arty in the sense that they are both creative AND successful =D

she's dressing up: thanks! we actually just had to dress up as one of the letters in the acronym version of our school's name. somehow my friends and i mostly went for M

harold von crick a dit…

mad hatter, mary poppins and madeline!