samedi 4 octobre 2008

cult of boys

I am in love with these videos by Toyin Ibidapo. Part of her series called "Cult of Boys".

More on her youtube channel.

2 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

He has nice hair.

And never realised how cool headbanging looked in reverse.

And the music in the first one is what makes it.

nonpareil a dit…

he does indeed have nice hair. i think i have a repressed thing for boys with really long hair like that.

i went back and checked and toyin says "MUSIC BY THE DOI AKA MARTIN JUEL, TRACK TITLE "IN YOUR SIGH" FROM THE ALBUM "SING THE BOY ELECTRIC AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES." the handkerchief in the first one looked really cool in reverse aswell.