vendredi 5 octobre 2007

your personal moon

I have more ethereal space related things to share. Ok, this one's not an actual natural phenomena, but none the less, it is beautiful and has left me rather sappy again.

Your Personal Moon

"Some Russian designers have started a production of a big, moon-shaped light-box calling this project Your Personal Moon. Now anyone can get his own moon right in his apartment or his backyard."

Impractical and superfluous, but oh so pretty and desirable. I want one.

In other news, school starts next Monday, and I am not prepared. If you refer to this blog entry, you will see that I like to complain a lot(there could be a fullstop right here) about the way time is divided into segments. It makes life full of urgency, and I'm not an always-up-to-date person. I think I lack will power. Infact, I lack it so much that I diagnose myself with the rare mental disease called Chronic Secondary School Onset Will Power Deficiency Syndrome (CSSOWPDS for short...though even that is not so short). Basically it makes my will power deteriorate and the progressive nature of the disease means the severity increases with time. In short I'm fucked.

The only thing I've been really getting into recently is the bag of goodies my orthodontist gave me. It comes with a special soft bristle toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste for sensitive teeth, a tiny xmas tree shaped brush with extra refill brushes(yea, probably my favourite item), two packs of squishy wax to prevent ulcers and a braces handbook which tells me what I can't eat and other tips like "no unnatural tongue thrusts" (I'm not sure if that's an innuendo there...what else can it imply..?).

On Wednesday Michelle, Yue, Kim, Alana and I went to see December Boys. Actually, we went to see Stardust but it was canceled so we were forced to see Daniel Radcliffe's nice hairy legs instead. Very nice. We stayed at Michelle's house for the night and watched stupid movies.

It was the first time I'd seen Michelle without eye make up in....6 months. She was contemplating whether or not to do it at the station.

We were mocking her and kept jabbing her with the eyeliner. BFF!

Michelle wanted to take a photo with my big ugly camera. I'm staring at her seriously because I'm pretty sure she doesn't know how to adjust the aperture/shutterspeed. I have so little confidence in my friends.

hmhm, I liked this one.

Alana on the 6:08pm Flinders St. train stopping all stations.

I still haven't gotten over my long exposure + flash phase. *dork*

If you saw "Once" you would understand this. (it says hoover)

After the movie we had a late dinner.

As you can see, a lot of interesting discussion about Daniel Radcliffe's nice legs.

Discussion changed to the topic of House. The first episode of the 4th season of House was on TV as we spoke, but luckily Yue had already downloaded that episode and watched it(trust). She went on to re-tell the entire episode, something she is very good at. Michelle sneakily took out her phone to time how long it would take...

"3 minutes and 15 seconds". Yue is wondering what's going on. We love her very much.

And then we trammed home.

I rather liked the colours.

And then we went home and got a bad night's sleep.

We were up at 8:30 to get breakfast.

"I really don't understand why you are taking a photo of this."

Much too cheerful. Was a good sleepover though, Mich ;)

So that was Thursday morning. I haven't done much since then. Tomorrow I think I am gardening :D

OK, wow. Very long blog entry. I infact did the laundry, some reading, went out to look at real estate with my parents, had dinner and watched TV during the time I've been blogging. I need to get a life.

Over and out,

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Matt Lew a dit…

Ahaha you let Mich use your D70? Xp Oh the trust between you too. She's quite crazy with cameras. I know from my phone. >_>

Anonyme a dit…

Indeed, I see not the point of the moon. Admittedly, that second photo looks plain dandy,'s one of those things you'd get bored of soon, methinks.
The novelty would probably wear off fast...besides, think of the carbon footprint of that beast!

Without urgency, without a date, nothing happens. Without segmented time, everything passes in a daze, and nothing is ever organised, nothing is ever stuck to. Humans need that structure so they can survive in the world, and for all your bitching about the segmentation of time, but imagine your life without it. In fact, you probably can't. I know I can't.

*wants to see Stardust as well*
I don't suppose you've read the book? It's an excellent book, and apparently an excellent film as well...though I've not heard a review from someone who's read the book yet, so *shrug*

I think it's a justified lack of confidence. Very few people are able to fully use 'big ugly camera's. I proudly count myself as one of them.

I love the expression on Yue's face in the one regarding the timing of her tale...she's so very serious.

Yeah, I was waiting on msn for you to finish this one...jeeeze.

Nice to know you had a nice time celebrating the end of the holidays, what with your EXAMS COMING SO SOON OMG!

Anonymous I.

Anonyme a dit…

does the moon run on solar power?

Anonyme a dit…

does the moon run on solar power?