mardi 2 octobre 2007

You know how I was saying that I was getting the appearance of my face/head changed?

Well I got a haircut.

"But, but...that's just the head part..." I hear you say! Well, I got braces too. (purple for that matter but you can't tell - I just look like any standard metal mouth)

Mum says I look like Ugly Betty now. I say I have a more dainty mouth, though you can see for yourself:

Read something interesting today:

"A simulation of Neptune's atmosphere was recently done at University of California, Berkeley - and it produced diamond dust. So, they think with all the carbon in Neptune's atmosphere and the extreme pressure on that planet that it may be, literally, raining giant diamonds."

Is that not the prettiest thing ever? Our Solar System suddenly seems so precious. That put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. So, my new scheme on how to get rich is planning an expedition to Neptune. It is definitely a worthy investment I am thinking. =P

And now I'm going to go dope up on painkillers. Caity questioned me the other day why I wasn't using separators(another painful orthodontic procedure) as an excuse to be drugged up. I wondered why myself, so now I'm going to make sure I am taking the maximum amount of Panadol recommended. And then I'm going to get a good night's sleep.

Bis bis,

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Anonyme a dit…

*agrees with your comment on the beauty of raining diamonds.*

Of course, if you're actually on the's probably not that great an experience.

"I wondered why myself, so now I'm going to make sure I am taking the maximum amount of Panadol recommended."
Perhaps not the smartest route to take, but hey, if you want to pump yourself full of drugs, don't mind me...

The braces aren't that bad, unless you emphasise their in that photo =P
I'm sure you'll make a terrific train-tracks...

How long do you have them on for?
*hopes for your sake it's not that long...*

Anonymous I.

=] a dit…

...raining diamonds. Ok, the way that i'm imagining things. neptune would have to have a greater gravitational pull then earth for diamonds to form (probably not but this is my logic) This means that the terminal velocity of this extremely dense rock would be much faster then a falling hail stone or rock. And also given Neptune violent storms and toxic atmosphere, I really don't think it would be very pleasant. Although on the off hand, it would very pretty to watch sparkling diamond raining from the sky. But then again, realistically, un-cut diamonds would just look like rocks. so they really wont' be that pretty at all.

aww you look cute with braces :3

Anonyme a dit…

Eric has this terrible habit of RUINING BEAUTY whereever he can, by giving it a shot of reality.

Anonymous I (Hoping that =] is who he thinks it is)

sunni muchacha a dit…

yea i've noticed that in =]

(and i'm quite sure that =] is eric)

Meg a dit…

The thought of millions of diamonds floating around in the sky is pretty appealing.
Someone once told me I reminded him of ugly betty and I DON'T wear braces. Needless to say, it was the day I found my arch-enemy/sparring partner.
I think your hair is pretty.

Meg a dit…

ps. the grates. good band.