lundi 1 octobre 2007

the f word - fluoro

"Look, each family is much like a team. All the families are competing against eachother, and quite frankly Sunni, you're not a very good team member. You're irresponsible and not contributing at all. Meanwhile the other families have kids who got into medicine on their team, so they will now always be winners. You are making our family a loser, Sunni. I am a loser, because you are a loser."

- Sunni's Dad.

Now I know where I get my fondness for long winded analogies from. -and also my ambiguous way of talking so that no one is ever sure whether I'm joking with a deadpan face or being nasty.

Jayne sent me something funny:

I don't really relate to it, but anything to do with Pacman gets a round of laughs from me...

Yesterday I went to the Sunday market and bought 3 pairs of these neon pink "Back to the Future" sunglasses for $1. They were free with Pizza Hut meals from i-dunno-how-long-ago-i-just-see-the-pizza-hut-logo-on-the-plastic-covering.

I thought I'd use them for some kind of space-age, robot-girl, extra-terrestrial, haute-couture -ish (that was a lot of hyphens) photoshoot later. Above blurry photos of me at 8 in the morning aren't the manifestations of that idea of mine in case you're wondering...I am actually planning this seriously and it will hopefully become the first successful shoot I do. Ilsa has already offered to be stylist and she knows someone who will do makeup ^^ I need models now. D8

Speaking of artistic experiences, I saw the film "Once" last week. If you haven't, you can't call yourself a true muso, film enthusiast or artfart. You also can't miss this if you feel like you're being serenaded every time you hear Damien Rice or if you enjoy looking at Hugh Laurie's face(yea, that last condition's a bit weird..)

I'm getting drastic things done to the appearance of my face/head tomorrow. I'm gonna miss how I look at the moment. Actually, no I'm not. I feel fat. I felt fat today when I was at the store to try on Cheap Monday jeans. Gah, people may think I don't give a damn about body image and appearance, but OH, I so do. OK, let us not linger at this thought any further. We are getting to a very sensitive girly place. I feel nekkid.

My cousin has been printing a REALLY long document on our printer for the past 20minutes. It's sorta soothing actually...If I want ambient music in an indie film that I will possibly make when I'm older, I am so incorporating this noise.

Good night children of the internet.

- Sunni xo

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

The internet is not my's my God.

I'm going to hope that your father's comment is a joke. If it's not...well...>.<

As for PacMan...I've got No.s 1 & 3 downpat, time to get #2 done...

" If you haven't, you can't call yourself a true muso, film enthusiast or artfart."
If there a god of creativity, he wants to murder you now. I don't care how much Damien Rice it has in it, or how much it makes the romantic side of you shudder with longing, there are far better muso/arty films out there.

"I feel nekkid."

*screams in horror*

Anonymous I.

='( a dit…

oh shit, now i feel bad about what i said :(

sunni muchacha a dit…

have you seen it oliver?

and i'm afraid even if you have, the opinion of all my friends, steven spielberg(not saying that his not a friend; i'm sure he is a nice man) and myself over-rides your's.

still go see that movie kids!