dimanche 16 septembre 2007


I hate how a year is divided into little systematic segments. Seasons, school terms, months, menstrual cycles, deadlines - couldn't everything just be one big slab? There would be no such thing as urgency nor would anyone distress over forgetting to wear scarves while the weather was still cold. I can't believe it's been another entire term since the last time I complained about hating school holidays. On the brightside, spring is here. I like spring, but only the very very beginning of spring when trees are just beginning to blossom. When the little leaves start to sprout though, it's all over. I only like that week long period when it's just the flowers and the naked branches. I promised myself that I was going to take pretty photos of the blossoms but I left it too late. Trust me to do that.

Today it was really windy and just when it started to rain, mum decided that we should go for a walk. She'd seen these beautiful camellias on a nearby street and she wanted to get(steal) some cuttings while every other sane person was indoors.

You know what else I hate? I hate how people in my art class stick really thick chunky things like pretty fabric and little 3d decorations into their research workbooks. It makes their books look ostentatiously fat and mine look morbidly anorexic because I have actual RESEARCH and DRAWINGS filling my pages. Ok, that was a bit harsh of me, I'm just jealous that I'm not very good at finding bulky things and pasting it in. Too bad.

This weekend I've been looking at a lot of Schiele and pretty much copying his style straight off. Infact, I copied(attempted to copy) 3 of his styles. Oh well, since I don't have my own style yet, I might as well imitate the best. He may have died from syphilis, but you can't deny that the man's got style.

Imitation no.1

Acrylic and charcoal - I think Egon would be turning in his grave if he knew that this was meant to resemble his style.

Imitation no.2

Charcoal - This was originally a male model for Lanvin. But because I've been goggling over so much Schiele, everything I draw is starting to look...a bit tortured and angsty itself.

Imitation no.3

Acrylic and charcoal - This is probably the most commonly known Schiele style. But judging on my painting, I doubt anyone can recognise any Schiele-ness. I'm being self-deprecating again. *cut* There is a fine line between being aware of one's shortcomings and being emo.

I hope one day I get over my petty peeves. Do I sound really immature and annoying everytime I write an entry? I bet I do, don't I? Am I cringe-worthy? Sometimes I worry that I sound too much like Adrian Mole or Holden Caufield. I hope I do something productive tomorrow.

Good night. xo

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Anonyme a dit…

oh wow. I really like your Charcoal and Acrylic works. They are really cool! Especially the third one, the sense of form and tones is really strong and amazing. My mother likes the third one too.

And really you shouldn't care if your fellow art students make glorious collages in their art books. It may just be their style. I personally hate a visual diary which is morbidly obese. I like everything of mine clean, simple and healthy yet effective. Quality over quantity girl!

And you don't sound immature or annoying. You just sound like a bored glowing child.

p.s. i've never been photo-geeking... i should try it sometime.