lundi 8 octobre 2007

On Saturday we planted A LOT of teeny tiny little punnets of flowers in our garden. And then today, when dad came home, he was all excited and told us that our little flowerbed had bloomed its first flower. I was dorkishly proud so I grabbed my camera to commemorate the occasion. It wasn't until I was sprawled across our front lawn smiling did I realise I was still wearing my dressing gown with my black lace up school shoes on as flocks of late afternoon joggers/cyclists were passing my house and staring. Oh well. My dad has suddenly sprouted 10 green thumbs aswell. He has spent every night for the past fortnight watering the garden. Incase you're now flaming at my dad for completely disregarding stage 3 water restrictions, let me assure you that we have a water tank now and dad salvages whatever water we use. We have buckets of dirty water everywhere in the house now.

So, today school started. I am that girl blowing gum, except I can't chew gum because I have braces now. Anyway. I am trying to concentrate seeing as exams are in 4 weeks and I NEED good results to suffice my lack of social life. Perhaps our newly bloomed little flower is symbolic beginnings? God I hope not. It would be as cheesy as a Delta Goodgrem song.

Ok I will work more on my TOK oral and chemistry revision now. Hello lack of sleep, we meet again!

Ciao ~

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Meg a dit…

There's a real feeling of achievement when you grow something don't you think? I have one plant that I've been growing all summer. I honoured the fact that she didn't die by naming her Matilda.

Re: N.Nicole had the only copy of the picture I could find so I credited her just so other people could find it if they wanted. I can't believe I didn't recognise Maggie Cheung and I'm supposed to be this big Asian cinema fan. Disappointed.
I told one of my friends about the diamonds in space possibility, and she actually had a tear in her eye because apparently sometimes "life can be so beautiful." She's high-strung.