dimanche 21 octobre 2007


Much of what I do would make my parents squirm. Yesterday is a great example; I went to model for Katelyn's sister Cecilia's photoshoot as a 'harajuku girl' (inverted commas because I am leagues away from looking like one and i probably just looked like i was going trick or treating than anything else..but I'm sure the photoshoot turned out ok...) My grandpa(the cute one. actually the mean one aswell) would probably disown me or at least give me the cool shoulder for the rest of my life if he knew that I was pretending to be Japanese. I don't want to get all political here but I sort of understand why the majority of Asian countries hate the Japanese..

Anyway, moving on.

It was embarrassingly fun. You see, Katelyn basically tried to recruit as many Asian friends as she could, but none of the kawaii anime watching hello kitty loving girls wanted to do it. So it was just me, Mich, Kim and Dianne. A Chinese girl who people think looks like a boy and 3 white washed Vietnamese girls. We did our best.

This is before her extreme makeover.

Katelyn has 3 older sisters. So 4 girls between the ages 17-25. That amounted to the smorgasboard of dress up clothes. We were truly spoiled for choice.

Before long we were pretty comfortable in our new skin.

ehehe I made Katelyn take two shots of us like that. It's currently my desktop picture, I love the yellow wig I am wearing.

A pro studio and all. Very serious shooting of very silly models. I feel like a noob. And Michelle looks like a knob.

Michelle and Kim were flipping through some Japanese streetstyle books for inspiration.

Mich settled for commie pirate.

..and Kim tried to be a neon flower child. I don't know what I was...some sort of a technicolour schoolboy on holiday I guess.

Meanwhile Katelyn(who was an asian-wannabe back in year 9) was missing out big time. She's only pretending to be happy here.

All she really feels is longing and sadness.

We had 4 costume changes. She looks a bit fed up, but really it's just an illusion the glasses give.

This outfit is my creation. The orange top was just some stockings with a hole cut in the groin area(that sounds strangely S&M like).


And finally, the compulsary 'I am too hot for my leopard print Kyle from Southpark hat' shot.

Ok, and just one last shot of me in the joker hat.

I am more than a little excited to see Cecilia's photos. fjkdafdsa.

Hope you all did something fun this weekend.

Sunni (^^)

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WendyB a dit…

Fabulous photos. Very, very fun.

Anonyme a dit…


The mass majority of asians hate Japanese? probably, from a certain perspective. But really, Hong Kong-ians absolutely adores the japaense pop culture. They adore it so much it's sort of ridiculously cool.

I love playing dress up. It's much fun. Never really got the chance to be so outrageous though :P

Anonyme a dit…

That would have been one random-ass photo shoot...and I dislike the fact that you're impersonating Japanese girls...a) because it says that most of the (cork) people that see it will not be able to tell the difference, and b) because it just adds to an ever growing legacy of lies, i.e. portraying something as an authentic something else even though it's not.

"We did our best."
=P Unless she's a miracle worker, she's probably in dire straits here...

Go asian-wannabes! Woooo!

I knew you'd be dressed up as a clown before the end of it...it's starting to be an obsession, no?

Random & fabulous m'dear ^^

Anonymous I