samedi 29 septembre 2007

hello darkness my old friend

Violet was a dancing puppet with a nothing disposition.
Violet you are nothing with a nothing reputation.
Darling give us jazz, ah you are such a poppet
Oh you dancing little puppet.
Violet be a sheep now, aren't you a pretty lamb
Oh you, you nasty ewe, don't give me that look.
I am the Shepherd and you are my sheep,
So now Violet, I order you to leap!
Gimme jazz, pretty lamb and then you shall leap.
When I say steady, you'll be ready,
And when I say ready, you'll be steady,
So when I say GO! you'd better gimme
Jazz, pretty lamb then leap - GO!
What are you doing you stupid darling?
Violet don't be Violent, Violet be a sheep!
Oh my wretched little puppet be a poppet,
Or you'll cop it.
"NO!" said Violet the Violent puppet who's not my poppet
"Goodbye darkness my old friend, I wont be coming to talk with you again!"
Violet don't go! But Violet went.
Silly Violet, being Violent.
You'll come to talk with me again.
Violet, darling, you wont forget
You're my dancing puppet.

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