dimanche 11 octobre 2009

sunday morning


When I woke up an hour earlier than the usual 8am last Sunday due to daylight savings, I heard the sound of leaking gas. It was loud, and came in bursts. Some short, some longer, almost like morse code to an untrained ear like mine. Construction does not begin this early on Sundays, so I wondered what it could be. 

Whatever was making the sound was definitely getting closer. I ducked my head under my doona and imagined some type of cyberpunk machinery landing on my roof to tell me that I am the chosen one. Eventually I pried open my eyes to look out the window, and lo and behold it was a hot air balloon just skimming past the Gatsby manor. It was much closer in reality than it appears in the photo. 

From now on, I will forever view that space above my neighbour's roof with bewilderment. 

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