mercredi 21 octobre 2009


I am doing my best to avoid eye contact with the young couple sitting opposite me on the train. The boy has tattooed sleeves and stretchers in his ears, he is making his girlfriend who looks like Ashlee Simpson (when she was emo) giggle a lot.

Boy: He was talking about how he got this Britney Spears t-shirt, you know, to be ironic. But I was like "Dude, the most ironic thing about that is you paid money for it".
Girl: heeheheheheee
Boy: I mean, at least I got this top for free. I wasn't going to wear if it weren't black.
Girl: Yea, I wouldn't let you wear that out if it was white.

(The top was sleeveless and had something that looked like a cartoon whale and some colourful block writing. The rest of the outfit included a pair of black shorts, skate shoes, tube socks and a black beanie despite the heat)

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