mardi 6 octobre 2009

bits and pieces

I feel like lately I've been on a photoblogging rampage. I'm going to have to stop here though because my exams are coming up (which means house locking myself in order to induce study-mode). 

Here are some photos from the two week break we've just had. 

I was surprised that I actually managed to double expose the flower over her face.

hIpPiE bLinG

Alana putting in her contacts...

Her costume for a circus themed ball. I suggested she go as the knife thrower with a lace blindfold. I thought the lace was a great find (we went to a bridal/fabric store), and her final look was stunning.

My friend was going away to Oxford, so she had a gathering for all our bon voyages. This is Ellen enjoying a large strawberry mock-tail. There is more to the glass, I couldn't fit it into my frame...

We had a dumpling night at Alice's house. I can now roll my own dumpling skins and make robust authentic looking dumplings - it's good to be properly Chinese. 


I think we each ate about 30 dumplings or more...Celebrity Masterchef was on TV while we gorged. 

So cute!

Posing at the train station.

I like the two blurry and happy looking girlies in the background.

There was a little shelter with yellow light. We used it as a prop to pose around.  


The only non-silly one.

Pretty, dumpling-fed faces.

If you follow my blog, you should know by now that most of my photos involve people mid-way between eating and talking. 

I let Gab take the last frame. A nice rare smiley photo, albeit out of focus and grainy and at Uni.

I just realised that the girl serving me at the photolab forgot to give me a free roll of film. I'm feeling jibbed and upset now. Time for a cup of tea and an episode of Gossip Girl or Mad Men to make things right. 

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