mercredi 8 juillet 2009

seldom comes

It takes me longer and longer to finish a roll of film. I'm not sure if it's because my 'creative eye' has become jaded and can no longer bother to find little gems in mundane life, or that I just put myself in situations where little gems are seldom. A question to all photography enthusiasts out there: do you feel as though your camera is obtrusive? I feel as though mine is growing larger and larger, so it stays on my shelf collecting dust for most of the time. Most people at university don't know I like taking photos, but then again I don't know them well enough yet to impose a lens in front of their face. I wish cameras were invisible, or that I could take screencaps from my retina and somehow transfer them onto something physical. A future project for bio-engineers perhaps?

Anyway, I'll stop contemplating now. Here are some photos from the start of May through to today.

I actually started this roll intending to finish it in one weekend. It was a camp I went on with others in my faculty. We had good weather, a pleasant surprise. 



Skipping rocks in the ocean is hard.

A starfish.



Alana on one of our brunch dates.

A quaint little shop which I insisted on furtively taking photos in. I later saw a sign saying "You are under video surveillance".

Alana said she had been pointing it out to me earlier but I was being non-responsive. We were not reprimanded though. The  old lady at the counter just smiled when we left sheepishly.


A coffee date with Maddy during a break between my exams.

Pretty rainbow thread from a sewing party I held.

Delicious cream cheese icing...

...with magnificently vibrant red velvet cake underneath! 60mL of red food colouring was sacrificed in the making of this cake. The process was rather macabre at times.

Coffee and dessert in the park after a satisfying lunch. Gabby is prying apart the pages which have stuck together. The books is new but 2nd hand, and it is of poetry by John Donne. We have extremely different taste in reading material. 


Oliver's pretty long tresses.


Sensuous reclining position...

I thought about rationing this roll of film and only posting a few pictures at a time, in weekly or fortnightly intervals, so that there wouldn't be such a long gap between photo posts. But that would just be silly.

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Revilo a dit…

Rationing would also take continual effort.

As for the photographic retina, I seem to recall earlier this year that a photographer who lost his eye had a small camera made to replace it, I don't remember much more than that, except that he didn't tell people he had camera in his eye prior to taking photos, thus had to ask them for their permission afterwards.