jeudi 2 juillet 2009

analysis of two chicken cup-a-soup flavours

Creamy Chicken and Corn Cup-a-Soup is not really creamy at all. It is most similar to the consistency of Italian hot chocolate, but not nearly as tasty. The viscosity and blandness combined make the soup very difficult to swallow, the only motivation being the somewhat exciting rehydrated kernels of corn. Similarly, there is nothing Chinese about the Lots-a-Noodles Chinese Chicken flavour, but it is undeniably more satisfying than the Creamy Chicken and Corn. My biggest criticism would be that there appears to be bits of parsley present in the soup. An unfortunate faux pas as I'm pretty sure parsley is not used in Chinese cooking.

It would be impossible to rename the two flavours 100% accurately without causing an adverse affect on their sales, but an equilibrium between honesty to customers and profit margins could probably be reached with names such as Chicken and Sweet Corn instead of Creamy Chicken and Corn and Hearty Chicken and Noodles instead of Lots-a-Noodles Chinese Chicken. Whilst the corn kernels are only sweet if you let them linger in your mouth for long enough, it is at least a more truthful promise than "creamy". As for the Hearty Chicken and Noodle, images of rustic hearty stews do conjure in my mind when I see the satisfyingly plump rehyrdrated noodles float to the surface when hot water is added. My conclusion is that the marketing directors of Cup-a-Soup need to focus more on the strengths of their soups' flavours, rather than just throw in any adjective that may sell the product. I think good parenting should reflect a similar approach.

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