mercredi 15 juillet 2009


I have been trying to change my subjects for next semester and am reminded of how irritating instructions from authoritative organisations (ie. universities, government bodies etc.) can be. They are patronising in that simplicity of their system is implied, yet instructions are convoluted, involve contacting a range of different departments and often draw upon both old-fashioned as well as modern modes of communication. What's worse is when they stress that one-on-one help is always available(if you are incapacitated enough to not understand their 'simple' instructions), yet when you do take the effort to make a call, the person at the other end of the line is generally vague, snappy, the wrong department or out to lunch. 

Other than that I am having a good day. A mini Pushing Daisies marathon, the laundry out of the way and apple cake in the oven. 

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