vendredi 17 avril 2009


Every time I say the word "sunny" I cringe a little on the inside. But I think other's generally get a good "hehe" from it. So I do my best to keep them happy, since I'm such a selfless person and all. 

PS: I dropped off a roll of film at the photolab today, but I got distracted by thinking about what I wanted to eat for dinner, and forgot to pick them up. I wont forget again tomorrow, and then there will hopefully be something to post about. Rejoice!

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Revilo a dit…

It's got to the stage that almost whenever I say sunny I think of you. Ruins conversations as I prepare to make puns that other people won't get.

Or simply when there's other people who know you we tend to look at each other and acknowledge the fact that you have tainted the word for us.