vendredi 24 avril 2009

fan girls

Today I was meeting Jayne at GPO, where out of no where there was Scott Schuman (the Sartorialist) and Garance Doré leaning casually over the third level balcony. We decided to be weird and went up to them to say hi and blabber words of admiration. Scott shook hands with us and introduced us to Garance, who was interested in the shopping bag Jayne was holding (she had heard of the shoe shop and was interested in where it was). They told us where they had lunch, and we told them where else they should try. Then rather awkwardly we left feeling inexplicably disappointed. A culmination of spotting them without even trying, but then not being invited to follow them around for the rest of the day to see how they work (ok, I was not really expecting them to extend such a gesture). 

I can only hope that next time I bump into them I'm without my gumboots and old woolly sweater. The wet straggly hair probably was not too chic either. 

PS: Garance is even more gorgeous in real life, and Scott's camera is not as big/fancy as I imagined.  

2 commentaires:

AnastasiaC a dit…

haha how cute! id be happy to meet them too...


haha oo u got to see theSartorialist ;) lucky! He's in Melbourne!