samedi 18 avril 2009

at last

This single roll of film has been in my camera since new year's day, but let that not be an indication of fine, well-calculated photography. In fact, they're possibly worse than usual. My affinity for documenting everything has dwindled somewhat in the last few months, and I rarely take my camera with me these days. This (portion of a) roll is a testament to my ailing hobby :(

During my month spent in China in January-February, this was the ONLY photo I took on film. And it's a somewhat abstract looking one at that. 

My cousin looking quite octogenarian in his reading glasses, dressing gown and Sunday paper.

Maddy wearing my floppy hat which I bought for $10 at a market - it's brand new!

I told her to ignore my camera, but it made her nervous, so I told her to give me a big grin instead. Art is not worth making a friend uncomfortable.

Token double exposure.

Surrealism at its best.

Normally, I hate photos of roadkill. But the way this pigeon had been severed was mesmerising. One part of its body is almost completely intact and plump. (sorry if this picture has offended you)


I was Maddy's first non-family passenger since she got her license. Our first roadtrip was to the market and it lasted 7min there and back.

"Maddy, my light meter wont fucking work. Urgh, it keeps telling me that the shutter speed should be set at 1/100 but that's definitely wrong. Oh fuck it, I'll just take this anyway" Well, I don't know what happened, but the camera was right. (The light meter returned back to normal after this, and the next shot was taken at 1/1000 but appears no different - wtf?)

These hairclips were MAJOR when we were 10.

A LAN party. It smelt bad. 

Walking home next to the cemetery. 

Stone stuck in sole. 

Another person's cat who kept returning to Maddy's house no matter how many times they tried to return it. A persistent cat, but it got what it want - it's now an odd addition to Maddy's two existing Burmese. 

"I wonder if there'a frame left - oh, yep"

I get a free roll of film every time I develop a roll. I don't know what to photograph...

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Matt Lew a dit…

Yeah I've pretty much lost all motivation to do anything photography related all year. Have 3 rolls of film to scan and haven't done any and they're all from around New years. So lame.

Frida a dit…

oh i really like your photos! that camera do you use? cause i really want to begin taking pictures with a analogue camera but i have no idea what cameras are good.

Revilo a dit…

"I was Maddy's first non-family passenger since she got her license. Our first roadtrip was to the market and it lasted 7min there and back."

Sorry dearie, I beat you to it :P

Obligatory mirror shot?

P.S. It smelt bad because 3/4 of the people there have a tendency not to shower often enough. The house had to be well aired out afterwards to get rid of their musk.

matryoshka a dit…

Sunni, you need to get more friends to photograph.

It was smelly.

Oliver is right. But you were my first non-family passenger in the truck. Everybody wins.

sunni a dit…

matt: photography is an expensive hobby, and heavy and bulky too. i say it's better for our wallets and our backs to have a break :P

frida: i use a nikon fm2 which i bought on ebay. i think it's always nice to start off on a fully manual slr. nikon and canon are my favourites, but you can't go pass a pentax k1000 either.

revilo: ok, well maddy explained in her comment already, so no comment. and i am having a good time thinking about which of the 4 don't shower. i'm assuming you're the only hygienic one, since bertie would be fairly high maintenance.

maddy: i just need more friends...ones who live close to me or can at least drive.

Yarshk a dit…

I love the pigeon. It made me laugh.

Hygiene is only for times when you need to see people.

Yarshk a dit…

How on earth do you do a double exposure on a FM2? When you shutter spring is loaded whilst loading the next frame? That is unless you opened it up and loaded it again...