mardi 7 avril 2009

no energy for philosophy

Yesterday on the corner of Faraday and Lygon, I saw the resident bum. He is a man of maybe 60-75 (it's very difficult to tell with bums), and was spotted in his usual reclining position, dosing off and with an upturned bucket hat at his feet. There was something else I noticed on yesterday's occasion - a battered copy of "Sophie's World" in his lap. At this moment I felt a great kindredness with the chap. 

Though it shames me to say this, I am only too familiar with the soporific effects of that book, having tried numerous times in my early teens to read it, and giving up around the mid-way point on each occasion. I imagine this will be the case even when I too am 60-75 (and very likely also reclining on some street corner with a bucket hat at my feet).

4 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

I really liked the book when I was in year 6. However, I feel that if I read it again I'd be a little bit disparaging, espcially of the culmination.
I hate that cover though, the red one is much lovelier.
(If you have that much trouble and are interested in actually finishing it, I believe there's an audiobook, and I think I was given it a few years back...not sure if I ever listened to it or if I still have it...but...there is such a thing if you're that desperate)

sunni a dit…

i like to think that it's the book which has a problem, not me! therefore i say pass to audiobook.

matryoshka a dit…

hey, i saw the same guy. and then had the same conversation with Oliver. how deja vu

Yarshk a dit…

Never read or heard of the book before. Am I missing out?