dimanche 1 mars 2009


Last birthday I turned 18 and my mum decided it was time I started looking like a girl. She took me to a department store and bought me a make-up set (prior to this I made do with drugstore eye-liner and Lucas Pawpaw Ointment). Since then, a great number of her middle aged girlfriends have commented on how pretty I looked with make-up on (except one lady who admitted that she had thought I had dark circles around my eyes due to lack of sleep). Mum has been very pleased with herself, and I admit, it's nice to be complimented once in a while. 

However, as I wiped off my cosmetic mask this evening, a strange thought occurred to me: if I was a boy, this is the face which I'd have to live with. Unfortunately for unattractive boys, make-up is not an option, unless they were brave enough to compromise their manliness. So then, which sex is in the less favourable position? As a mediocre-looking girl, I'm expected to wear make-up so that I am more pleasant to look at, but had I been born a hideous boy, society dictates that there is nothing I can do about it. Yet, I don't feel as though there is a significant unbalance between attractive girls and attractive boys - is this because boys are generally better looking, or because we lower our standards when surveying their level of aesthetic perfection?

Or should I just turn gay? 

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Revilo a dit…

Perhaps you shouldn't have had that photo accompanying a post entitled 'Revelation.'

It's just all I got on the update was that word and that face...:P

I know a couple of boys who willingly wear make-up to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

I guess much of it comes with social perceptions, which in old cases had the women being pretty and the men being manly.

However, I have a feeling the divide between the two genders in terms of cosmetic aid is growing smaller and smaller.
Hell, I don't know. All I know is that whilst cosmetics can in certain cases enhance beauty, I always feel saddened if I acknowledge the use of enhancing materials.

Plus when people put on too much it looks gross. Minimal is the key, imho.

la petite rêveuse a dit…

i dont know what your point is but there are far more beautiful girls in the world than there are beautiful boys. the answer is to become bi.