samedi 7 mars 2009

my week

I have been wearing my spoon pendant. It is not quite as interesting as wearing a rusty coin dug up from the grave of my great great grandfather, but I am considering buying knife and fork pendants so I can have a complete set. I also really need to take some nicer photos, but at the moment, it seems as though my creativity stretches only as far as taking spooky photos of myself in the dark on webcam. 

University is time consuming. Especially since I'm doing biomedicine and haven't done biology since year 10. After a week of lectures, the only thing that's stuck with me is that my cheek cells look like tiny fried eggs under the microscope. 

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Revilo a dit…

My brother used to wear a spoon around his neck. He said it made international travel difficult, though it was a good talking point.

Forks and knives are a little more dangerous, should you fall over or something. And if you take them on planes, they'll be confiscated.