mardi 3 mars 2009

double-sided printing

Hypothesis: Double-sided printing; a true test of logic and spatial visualisation, but highly rewarding when performed correctly. 

Method: A new printer is bought. Said printer prints double-sides by first printing all odd numbered pages of the chosen file. These pages are then fed back into the printer. A button is pressed, and the even numbered pages are subsequently printed onto the blank side. Using this method, 3 sets of lecture notes are printed - without any over-lapped pages nor upside down pages.

Results: Print job was successful, high concentrations of endorphins and satisfaction were yielded. 

Conclusion: I am a winner.

3 commentaires:

kastanj a dit…

hello. i used to have a nikon s1 but it broke on new years. i don't have a camera right now. and i fix them in photoshop.

la petite rêveuse a dit…

that would make me VERY happy too.

Yarshk a dit…

that is an almost immaculate when that happens. Especially when all the pages line up; perfectly