mardi 24 mars 2009

going solo

I went to see the Swedish vampire movie "Let the Right One In" yesterday by myself. Not have I done this since "Princess Diaries", which came out when I was 11 (a loner child, through and through). As I left the cinema both haunted and perplexed, I asked myself why I don't do this more often. Going to see a movie with somebody is only logical if it's a comedy, if it's particularly boring or if it's for canoodling in the dark. Any other occasion a companion is only a nuisance; you have to set a date when both have at least 2 hours spare, decide on a movie agreeable to both, find four consecutive empty seats so that neither have to sit next to a stranger, and when you do finally sit down, you have to shut up for the next 120 minutes so that you're abiding by common cinema etiquette. At least when you're alone, the urge to make a comment is greatly reduced (although at times small words may peep out accidentally if the movie is good or exceptionally bad). 

After some thinking, I've made a pact to see a movie by myself every Monday whenever I can. The tickets are half price before 4pm, and I finish class at noon - so why not? Oh, and as for the actual movie I saw, "Let the Right One In", I highly recommend it. Dark like a classic vampire story should be, but intermingled with contemporary themes - possibly an antidote to "Twilight" if you are so cursed? Final verdict: definitely worth skipping the second half of my Ecological History of Humanity lecture for.   

2 commentaires:

Yarshk a dit…

i suppose your right. Although if you have found a good movie buddy, the type you actually does sit down next to you and not comment for the entire 2.5hrs, or even 3. Then it's much more pleasant. Because afterwards you can discuss scenes, favourite actors, themes and motifs...etc.

Revilo a dit…

The reason I cannot see films on my own is this;
"The type you actually does sit down next to you and not comment for the entire 2.5hrs, or even 3."

I get bored.I find films rarely tend to capture my entire attention, hence the worse a film is, the more comments I will make.