dimanche 29 mars 2009

margo ovcharenko

I'm not easily impressed by flickr photographers - many seem to lack a certain lucidity when you look too closely and for too long. Margo Ovcharenko, however, is impervious to my scrutiny. All of her photos make me want to move to Russia, befriend their beautiful people, and then take intimate portraits of them on slide film.


Impressive, non?

2 commentaires:

Heroinhead a dit…


I was looking at your interests and saw: serial killers.

My father was murdered, decapitated, boiled and flushed down the toilet by infamous British serial killer Dennis Nilsen. I've just finished writing about this on my blog... maybe you'd like to read?

If not, excuse me for disturbing you.

Best Wishes, Shane.

jeffhahn a dit…

gorgeous! great feature :) x