dimanche 7 décembre 2008

pretty slack

It's not that I've lost my ardour for blogging, it's just that my computer has lost its ardour for living. I've been trying to keep busy now that I have so much spare time at hand, so often during the day I'll have moments of "this is going straight to the blog!". Everytime I start a new post though, my laptop goes POOF! and dies. It's because its fan is broken. Has been since May 2007 infact. Usually it's able to sustain a few hours, but as soon as I try uploading photos onto blogspot, facebook or myspace, it works itself up and overheats. Since there is no longer a functioning fan, it avoids self-combustion by automatically shutting down...but I guess I would rather that than being blown up along with the computer or getting shards of keyboard debris imbedded into my cheeks.

< /rant about shitty laptop>

The above tragic story is basically the reason why I haven't been posting much. I have a few rolls of film to share, but uploading pictures is out of the question until I get a new laptop (speaking of which, is it gay for a girl to use a macbook..or does that association, fortunately, only apply for guys? Because macbooks are pretty, and I am not tech-savvy enough to judge a laptop any other way).

In better news, I just won an auction on ebay for a Nikon FM2! $161AUS plus shipping. I think that is a good deal..? If it isn't, you should probably tell me. I have a tendency to overbid on ebay, so you should rub it in for my own good. The camera body also comes with a polaroid back. I have no idea how to use that, but it sounds interesting. I am in a good mood.

Since the frequency of my computer's little seizures have been increasing recently, I've started reading again. I haven't really read for enjoyment since early highschool...My friend had a few coupons to a bookstore, but there was nothing she wanted, so she let me have them. I bought "Ham on Rye" by Charles Bukowski and "Norwegian Wood" by Haruki Murakami. They are meant to be classic 'coming of age' type novels aren't they? Well I am 18 in a week. I should have a debutante or something, or maybe it's just been too much Gossip Girl for me...



5 commentaires:

Matt Lew a dit…

Congrats! So you did win it. =] We should go take pics one day, just cos we've never done it. =p Stay away from eBay now...so addictive.

Terri a dit…

yay for the win on ebay. i always bid and always lose because i'm super cheap >_<;;

i dont know why it would be gay to use a macbook? i know lots of guys and girls a like who use them. and they are super proud of it :P

Yarshk a dit…

A macbook would be perfect for what you would use a computer for. Photo-editing, internet leisure etc.

Go get one. Get a Pro though.

matryoshka a dit…

why pro?

Revilo a dit…

I can't believe you called them book coupons. Vouchers Sunni, vouchers.

As for macs, no, it's not gay in terms of girls. Usually it simply implies that they require aesthetics over multi-functioning, or the ability to modify it. I have to agree with Eric though, it's probably what's best for you considering what you want from a laptop.

Like Terri, I underbid in the hope of getting a bargain. This often results in failing to acquire the item. *shrug* Each to their own I guess =D