mardi 30 décembre 2008


Today I finally got around to seeing The Wackness. I think my weakness is officially movies set in the 90s. The cheesier the better. Eventhough most of my summer of '94 was spent in my grandma's flat in China eating grapes and watching cartoons (a far cry from dealing pot on the streets of New York), the movie still felt overwhelmingly nostalgic. After I got over the initial shock of seeing Josh Peck act badass, I was truly impressed by his performance. He really had the squinty eyed, mouth hanging open expression down-pat, which was just perfect for his dorky pseudo-gangster character Shapiro. If it hadn't been for how endearing his smile was, the naive and vulnerable side of his character would not have seemed believable. Although the ending was not sugar sweet for poor Shapiro, it was an optimistic one. I left the cinema in a good mood and with All the Young Dudes stuck in my head. Can't complain about that

Oh, I also left with half of my popcorn and coke still in my hands. It seemed unfair to throw out perfectly fine food - especially considering I hadn't had breakfast nor lunch - so I walked around for a while looking quite displaced. Trust me on this one though, eat all your popcorn before you leave the cinema, it just doesn't taste as good when you're out in the daylight.

And before I forget - I have a tendency to forget to say what I meant to say when I begin a blog post - hope you all had a Merry friggin Christmas and are pumped for 2009. I know I am.

I almost bought a pair of 2009 shaped sunglasses to prove it.

2 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

Popcorn is buttered and salted cardboard. They always put as much flavouring on as possible, to disguise the rather telling texture and taste.

I'm glad you liked the wackness, such a ringing endorsement further compounds my desire to see it =P
A belated merry christmas to you, Sunji.

Yarshk a dit…

Not a big fan of pop-corn in movies. The crunching and munching, i find, distracts me from loosing myself in the film.