dimanche 21 décembre 2008

first roll

I picked up my first roll of film shot with the Nikon FM2 on Thursday, but have been too lazy to post them. It's also incredibly frustrating the way blogger compresses the images, so if you, like me, appreciate fine aesthetics and have a few moments to spare, please click on the images to enlarge them for optimum pixel quality.

I've been a little multiple-exposure-happy. This was taken last Saturday during a lunch break from Christmas shopping with my parents. I introduced them to my favourite pho place, but alas mum stubbornly opposes pho and refused to eat.

Probably my favourite shot from the roll - or at least the only shot which I gave some thought into in terms of composition.

Tuesday I had dinner with my friends to celebrate my birthday.

It's strange being old enough to be offered a wine list by the waitress.

It sometimes annoys me to see double-exposed photos which would have looked better if I hadn't taken the second shot.

I've been wondering if the pinkness of these photos are due to colour correction by the camera lab, or if it's just what happens when 400iso film is used in low lighting. Does anyone know?

I feel as though this photo should be in a brochure for some kind of country lodge. I can already see subtitle to this article "Experience Local Cuisine!".

You can see Jayne's new fish-eye camera in the background. It took us 20min to load that first roll of film.

My amazing birthday cake consisting of layers of chocolate mousse. It almost gave me a cardiac arrest, but definitely worth it.

Funny face hehe.

I never thought Kim's mohawk would ever grow out. I can'tbelieve her hair is the same length as Alana's now! My mum has been trying to convince me to grow out my own hair - put an end to my gender confused appearance as she would say.

Maddy bought me the Postsecret book. Haven't had time to go through all of them yet. Word of advice though, do not read the secrets out loud on public transport.

No comment.

Cosy corner.

The restaurant was tucked away in this obscure lane, but the interior was cute.


Outside there was this massive chandelier which looked as though it was wedged between the walls of the alley. More Surrealism. I was compelled to double expose it with Maddy's face, but once again that was a somewhat redundant decision.

Later we were going to see The Wackness, but we were 10minutes late because we had been taking sticker photos at one of those Japanese photobooths...They wouldn't let us in to the cinema, so it was coffee instead.

This week has been very dull for the most part. I started making a dress with Alana, thought about what I want to do in Uni next year, explored the internet to find the fastest way to watch Criminal Minds online (youtube is the best, though megavideo a close second), ate grapes and searching for a good recipe to Swedish princess cake.

Is it not the most darling dessert you have ever seen? And it sounds good too - layers of sponge, rum, custard, jam, whipped cream aplenty and smothered in green marzipan! Anyone willing to tackle this culinary challenge with me? Better yet, any Swedes out there who have an excellent princess cake recipe to share?

5 commentaires:

Yarshk a dit…

gotta love the feel of Nikon's FM series. So solid, heavy and robust.

I should try playing with mine some day....

p.s. Where is that strange surreal restaurant? I was to experience.

Revilo a dit…

It's truly a pity that you weren't able to see the wackness, as I was curious as to what it was like, and could have siphoned off your opinions :P

Hmmm, I still have your birthday present...I'd best give it to you/Alana/Eric before I depart, so that you might get it before you head off overseas...speaking of which, when do you flee Australia?

Matt Lew a dit…

Argh forgot to say happy bday! Well...happy belated bday!

And yeah I reckon the colour is due to the lighting. =p

Frida a dit…

http://www.ica.se/FrontServlet?s=mat_recept&state=recept&receptid=526115 Might be a bit hard for you to read though, but maybe you can use an online dictionary. If theres something you don't understand I'll be glad to help. happy b-day

aimée a dit…

i'm not 100% sure, but from what i've heard (and we all know how words can be twisted)

the pinky effect is due to using outdoor film (iso 400) indoors (under incandescent lighting, or low non-natural lighting.

actually i'm almost 100% sure.