mercredi 31 décembre 2008

new year's eve

The year which I had dreaded for so long is almost over and yet I am so blasé. Can you believe it? My mum is snoring in my bed and I am wearing an old shirt waiting for Gab's mum to pick me up. We aren't going out to get drunk and hug strangers, we are having a sleepover. After waiting for so long to be 18 and finished with highschool, I am languid rather than explosive. My shirt is pink which reminds me of how I wanted to dye my hair that colour. But it had only been exciting when my school forbidded me to do so. Even just after graduation I had been eager, but due to the complications of a ball I had been invited to and not wanting to give my partner a conniption, I decided to wait a little longer. But now I'm just wondering "why pink?". It seems like everything I had deemed "fun" is just a sequence of events which don't mean anything anymore. It's a form of pessimism I suppose.

But gah, why am I being so gloomy? This is a year worth celebrating after all! Surviving 365 days in a row is always a miracle in itself (just ask any actuarist). And this year was a leap year too(!) so give yourself a pat on the back and pop a bottle of champagne.

See you in 2009 and I hope we'll both be smiling. Cheers!

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