jeudi 1 janvier 2009

holy shit it's 2009?!

This is how I spent New Year's Eve. The last moment's of 2008 was a group of us crowded around Gabby's new macbook having too much fun with photobooth. The first moments of 2009 was spent infront of the TV with Gabby yelling at Oliver for not pouring the champagne fast enough to make the countdown, and Eddie complaining that the Melbourne fireworks were "pov". We were then all rickroll'd by some music channel.

I sincerely hope the rest of you haven't began the year as complete dorks.

3 commentaires:

la petite rêveuse a dit…


Yes, I've decided I'll do 2009-2010 much better. Well, at the very least, more adult-like

Yarshk a dit…

yeah. There should be flying cars by now.

matryoshka a dit…

sad. I wish I'd been there...for your sakes. I would have made it SO much better.


I spent my new years playing May I a totally addictive card game, until countdown. Then I went and stood on a street corner and watched hooligans blow up firewords in the street. They aren't illegal in Vienna.

ps. I'm a little sad I wasn't there.