dimanche 9 novembre 2008

a place to call home

When it comes to architecture I prefer minimalism. Not necessarily in that avant garde sense where everything is a series of sterile right angles and abstract shapes, but rather, the space which minimalism suggests. I particularly enjoy and agree with this quote by a certain John Pawson:

"Emptiness allows us to see space as it is, to see architecture as it is, preventing it from being corrupted, or hidden, by the incidental debris of paraphernalia of every day life."

Perhaps a contradiction to my messy magpie-like nature, but it is a serendipitous contradiction, since, some one who enjoys 'stuff' as much as I do, really does need high ceilings and an open plan environment for some vital ventilation. I think in 10 years time, I hope to own a space like this:

It's a very ubiquitous type of apartment/studio, but I see a lot of potential. I love trolling around on The Selby (as does everyone else I suppose) and seeing how young creative types make use of spaces similar to this.

I also found
this article on the Nylon blog just before and I love how Mr. Kratzer has manifested his personal muses into his home out of such generic and monochramtic items as a Sharpie and a few white walls. AMAZING!

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Revilo a dit…

For a long period of time my oldest brother was searching for a warehouse to call his home.

Apart from the size and freedom, it also would have given him the ability to get his band together for music without the neighbours complaining.

Of course, the problems with that it gets very cold in winter, and warehouses cost a lot...

Good luck to you with your desire for an aescetic (I think that's the word >.>) living space!

Severn a dit…

i just found your blog, and i just want to say i think it's great. :)

Sarah Von a dit…

I *love* that sharpie on the walls! (eyes white walls and considers losing her deposit.)