lundi 3 novembre 2008

aoi yu - dandelion

I was trolling around on flickr when I found this collection of photos scanned from Aoi Yu's photobook "Dandelion" of her travels in Russia. I am completely enamoured by the clothing, the colours, the textures, the landscape, the patterns.......I could just keep going on and on about it, but you can see for yourself in the photos below.

Even the rust on that little pot is perfect...!

It was this photo which first caught my eye. It's just so cosy and relaxed...

I do adore this outfit. The thick loose layers and the raw chunky knits are such a typically Japanese silhouette. I love how it's been combined with Russian aesthetics such as the scarf, the hat and the boots.

This photo is so regal!

Such a stunning snowscape.

Another perfect outfit.

The chunky sweater and chords in combination with the leather suspenders in this outfit remind me of the cosy and boyish costumes worn by the girl Fuji Itsuki in Shunji Iwai's Love Letter.

After swooning over these photos, I was reminded of my dream of travelling on the Trans-Siberia Express, except the Internet tells me there's no such thing as romantic-sounding as that. There is however a Trans-Siberia Railway with trains spanning from St. Petersberg to Beijing, so the Internet hasn't completely burst my bubble. Most of these trips are during the summer months though, and I prefer the winter scenery. Oh well, I don't have enough money to go on such a trip any time soon anyway, so I can worry about this at a later date. Right now I'm going to go back to studying. (10 more days until complete freedom)

scans are from hey mr. eric's flickr photostream

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Yarshk a dit…

oh noes, but when you go, you'll have to find someone photogenic to go with. Otherwise everything will end up looking a bit on the silly side. =p

Ingrid a dit…

these are amazing! thank you for sharing.
a friend of mine actually travelled from vienna to the pacific ocean by train this summer. he took a regular train on the transsib which only cost him about 300 euros for one week if i remember correctly. i've been looking into this lately, too, especially since i fell in love with st petersburg while visiting this september. i found this site to be very useful:

1minutefilmreview a dit…

Wow! Really nice pictures!