mardi 4 novembre 2008


I can't believe I'm saying this but, I am lusting over some fur. Faux fur only though, I still absolutely detest the idea of wearing actual animal skin and hair(follicles and all) against my own skin. My mum has told me stories about her cheap fur coat from when she was young and how it hardened and stank when she found it at the back of her closet years later...I shudder.

Faux fur on the other hand has me swooning, since I do after all like the aesthetics and warmth of actual fur, just not the connotations that it brings. This sudden infatuation was probably brought to the surface because of my post from yesterday, and then seeing these two beauties today on Garance Doré :

Gold fur - how luxe!

This photo is so Bond girl from the USSR.

I am now particularly upset that I didn't buy this hat last year when I was in China:

Although I do vaguely remember the shop owner telling me that it was not for sale...

Here are another few cute reasons for why I should own some fur (notice that these are all young girls, not rich grannies!):


I also found this fur helmet by Rachel Comey on Creatures of Comfort the other week, and I find it ridiculously cute. I was particularly amused(or maybe disturbed is a better word for it) that the label states "100% baby alpaca, died of natural causes."

You are probably thinking that I'm crazy for developing an obsession for fur in November, considering that here in the Southern Hemisphere we are entering Summer. I do feel a little insane, but I'll be going to China in January and February, so that will be my excuse.

PS: I hate you too PETA.

3 commentaires:

Yarshk a dit…

Fur's weird. I don't mind it though.

If i was going to skin anything to wear, it would be maddy's cats.

Revilo a dit…

Young girls with old rich grannies?

Peta reads this?

Or were you just blogging at school?

I think you're crazy, but it has nothing to do with this particular obsession with fur.

kim a dit…

I would really want to have some fur in my closet! Stil it feels wrong to wear a animal, so a fake one would be perfekt too!